Binge Watch: The Good Fight – A Counter Poaching Initiative

Stay Tuned to for Season 2 of The Good Fight: A Counter Poaching Initiative – coming in 2019.

Episode 1, The Good Fight

In episode 1 of The Good Fight, presented by SIG Sauer, Instructor Zero accompanied by The Orion Poaching Prevention Academy travel to Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa to train their Rangers on-field tactics and weapons manipulation. Operating under unforgiving terrain with predatory wildlife nearby, the team soon realize that they’ve got their work cut out for them. A militarized enemy threat would overwhelm the Rangers at their current capabilities. The clock starts ticking and training begins.

Episode 2, The Good Fight

In episode 2 of The Good Fight, presented by SIG Sauer, Instructor Zero, and the Orion Poaching Prevention Academy come in to help the Rangers improve fighting capabilities to meet the encroaching threat. Endangered rhinos hang in the balance as their horns can fetch up to 1 million dollars each.

Criminal poaching syndicates are becoming sophisticated, militarized and funding terrorist organizations. The Rangers at Pilanesberg National Park are in for the fight of their lives…but support just dropped in!

Episode 3, The Good Fight

One Ranger has been killed and 4 rhinos have been poached since the filming of this series of The Good Fight. The war is getting bigger and more dangerous. This is a fight we as a community of hunters, tactical professionals and warriors should all get behind. To learn how you can offer your support please visit our GoFundMe page:

Thank you to SIG Sauer for proudly supporting this initiative and Media Lodge for funding this training mission in support of Rhino Conservation. Thank you to the Orion Anti-Poaching Academy and Team Zero International for their tireless efforts in providing these Rangers with the much-needed training they need to continue fighting the good fight.

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