Gear Review: Woobie Hoodie From Perseverance Survival

Yes, you need a Woobie poncho liner hoodie and I’m going to tell you why.

If you already know what poncho liner is, no explanation is necessary. If you don’t, fire up Google or check out this post.  When I saw Perseverance Survival was making hoodies out of poncho liner material, I had to get my paws on one. Speaking from the perspective of a former Marine, I can tell you the poncho liner is the one piece of kit that no matter how many years you are away from active service, you still have one or two. And if for some reason you don’t, you won’t forget the one you used while on active duty.

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My wife compares my old tattered poncho liner to the blanket Linus from the Peanuts cartoons carried around. No, I don’t carry mine wherever I go but there is one near the couch and one it the jeep. I prefer to call it my “tactical woobie” it sounds much cooler than my “blankie.” Back in the day I never went to the field without poncho liner — sleeping in the dirt sucks, but the liner has something magical about it that it keeps you warm when it’s cold and “coolish” when it’s hot. Don’t ask me how — it just works.

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Hoodie And More

Perseverance Survival is a veteran owned company run by an active duty Marine. The hoodies is what initially got my attention but I soon found out they did much more. They specialize in making clandestine breaching tools (lock picks) as well as E&E (Escape and Evasion) tools and limited run survival knives. They also provide training in the use of all the tools they make.

woobie hoodie

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When I brought the hoodie home, I realized I would probably need to get a few more. My son and daughter tried it on and I was able to get them to take it off after a few threats — my wife was another story — she said thanks for the new hoodie and walked out of the room.

I did manage to get custody of the hoodie when my wife took it off and was looking the other way. Just like the poncho liner I was issued, this hoodie works great for those cool early morning critter feedings and I really like it as a layer for the colder morning when I’m calling coyotes or just driving the ranch on a quad or horse. The material doesn’t make any noise and as a bonus it’s camouflage. My hoodie, modeled by my son, is the new school green MARPAT pattern, but as I write this there are new colors being added to the site. For $52.95, this made-in-America product is worth every penny.

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