Primitive weapon hunter uses atlatl to harvest 15 point buck

September 1, 2016
(image source; Final Descent Outdoors)
(image source; Final Descent Outdoors)

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Paul Gregg just harvested a beautiful 15 point buck in St. Charles County, Missouri with one of the most difficult primitive weapons, the atlatl. Predating the bow, the atlatl was man’s first weapons system that improved the power of a thrown spear. Using a hooked shaft that acts as a lever, the hunter launches a short spear with greater velocity and impact force than his arm alone. Gregg’s shot wasn’t easy since an atlatl requires a great deal of motion. Once the buck’s head was turned he took his shot. Congratulations Paul, that was one heck of a shot! Learn more about the atlatl with the Weapon Masters video below.