Pyramex Semtex 2.0 Eye Protection — Looks Cool And Won’t Break The Bank

I’m hard on my equipment and when it comes to eye pro/sunglasses I’d say hard is an understatement. One look in the box I have of cases and pieces parts of broken glasses I’ve collected over the years and you might think I just get a pair of glasses and then run them over with the truck.

I’ve found that cheap glasses didn’t last as long as the ones I’d spent more on them my wife would have liked. I was under the assumption (and we already know what ASSUME stands for) If I wasn’t spending top dollar I wasn’t getting the protection I needed. What I recently discovered is I could have saved a bunch of money if I had found Pyramex sooner.

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The last few months I’ve been wearing the Semtex 2.O (Venture Gear Tactical line) Protective Eyewear pretty much every day — on the range shooting, working on the ranch and for looking as cool as I can while driving around town in the jeep. They were working great until I couldn’t find them for a few days only to discover my 16-year-old son had “borrowed” them. Let’s just say he’s even harder on gear than I am and I was worried he had trashed them. They were dirty from him working with his show steers but still in great shape, so I let him keep on wearing them to see how they would hold up to the Hondo test. If they survived him they could survive almost any condition or treatment.

Hondo is all smiles wearing “his” Semtex 2.0’s. He says he’s not giving them back.

The Semtex 2.0 was designed for LE, Military and shooting enthusiast so they built them to withstand the worst that could be thrown at them. The hard coated Polycarbonate lenses are scratch resistant and they meet ANSI-Z87.1 safety standards and they also pass the MIL-PRF-32432, which is the Military Ballistic High Velocity Impact Standards. Your eyes are protected from impacts and they block 99 percent of harmful UV rays — almost forgot they are treated with H2MAX anti-fog so they stay clear all the time.

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The Semtex 2.0 is half-frame design, which allows for some airflow, which is really nice on long hot training days. The earpieces are flexible and thin which makes helps when wearing over the ear type hearing protection. Add the super comfortable nosepiece and these glasses are ready for just about anything you or a 16-year-old boy can throw at them. As of this writing, there are six variations of the Semtex 2.0 line to meet most any conditions you could find yourself working or playing in.

I’ve shown them to a bunch of people and they all guessed they cost somewhere around or north of hundred bucks range. They all looked at me and said bull-s&^% or something similar when I told them MSRP is $28.95. For the price of one pair of big name shooting glasses you can buy three or four sets of the Pyramex line.

So far Hondo hasn’t bee able to break them and like I said, I could have saved a bunch of money if I had found Pyramex sooner.

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