Regional Firearm Price Trends Now Available at FFL Insight

April 10, 2017

ffl retail insights

How do I sell more guns?  That’s what we hear from firearm dealers across the United States.

Although year-over-year NICS checks were reasonable, inventories are high and consumer demand has fallen from its peak. Knowing what inventory to buy, in what volumes and determining counter prices requires more than a hunch. Powered by, FFL Insight is a $25 service that provides dealers with monthly updates to national pricing trends for thousands of firearm types.


Effective April 10, 2017, FFL Insight has added to its national pricing data by adding regional segmentation. Subscribers can access the data through two different channels in accordance with their own preferences. All subscribers are provided a monthly email with national pricing data for all SKUs.

ffl retail insights - regional segmentation

Subscribers may also login to a Client’s Only portal where they can sort, filter and manipulate the data on a national and a regional basis. In addition to national and regional filters, there are six fields available to customize a dealer’s pricing analysis.

  • Condition – New or used firearms
  • Category – Pistol, Revolver, Rifles, Suppressors and more.
  • Subcategory – Such as Semi-Automatic classifications.
  • Manufacturer – S&W, Ruger, Colt, Remington and many, many more.
  • Model – Cowboy Defender, M&P22, Century 2000, and 20,000 others.
  • SKU and Average Price

ffl retail insights - average price table

To learn more about FFL Insight, or to subscribe to this $25 service visit,


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