Gun Review: Republic Forge Monolith Stryker 1911 Pistol

Powerful history coupled with historic nostalgia is the feeling in the air as I load the mags of the Republic Forge Monolith Stryker 1911. The 1911 was the first official semi-automatic handgun for most of the US armed forces, border patrol and the Texas Rangers. The history behind the 1911 is fascinating. Through my research I found myself immersed, soaking in the incredible story of how this particular gun came to be.

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John Moses Browning is the father of the 1911. He wanted to create a gun that would ensure a higher survival rate and the ability to conquer in battle. Let’s travel back to the early 1900s when the American troops occupied the Philippine island Jolo. Here they encountered the Moro tribe, who didn’t like the presence of the Americans. The Moro were an Islamic tribe of Muslim extremists. They were passionate about their beliefs and not afraid to die. Prior to battle, the Moro would prepare with body binding leather, narcotics and religious rituals to alter their state of consciousness, basically enabling them to continue fighting even when injured.

Monolith Stryker 1911, republic forge, guns, new guns
The gun has a great looking custom square trigger guard and durable carbon steel frame and slide.

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The Moro fought using long-bladed knives carrying out lethal, bloody effects. Close your eyes and imagine if you will. Close quarter combat with jihad extremists. Possessing a high, invincible state of mind ready and prepared to die for extreme beliefs. Coming at you full force with their long bladed, steely knives in close combat. There you stand, facing that which you’ve never seen and possibly never even heard of.  All you have to defend yourself is a .38 Long Colt Revolver. Needless to say, things did not go well for US Troops. Moral quickly went down — something needed to change.

Passes The Test

John Browning’s 1911 was selected after other gun companies failed to pass the test. Once chosen, Browning’s 1911 was put through a series of “torture tests”.  The 1911 was tested with good cartridges as well as deformed. Some seated too deep and some not deep enough. This gun was rusted in acid, buried in sand and mud. Put through the most hellish conditions and his creation still passed, firing over 6,000 rounds each test. The first handgun to ever be put through such testing and thus setting a new record. This gun remains the world standard for most competitive shooting competitions. Whether you are a fan of the 1911 or not, you can’t argue with a 100 year old handgun design that’s is still in use today.

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Monolith Stryker 1911  

Having the opportunity to review the Monolith Stryker 1911 from Republic Forge was nothing short of amazing. Of course, it’s always fun to shoot a 1911, but this gun was something special. First of all, look at it, simply gorgeous. Eye-catching bronze cerakote, controls in black, threaded barrel and their signature Texas star cut with precision into the hammer. Almost too beautiful to handle, yet the tactical edge it possesses almost begs to be fired. Holding this pistol in hand, I couldn’t help but think of the soldiers fighting with an underpowered revolver watching their brothers die as the rounds they fired had little to no effect on the fanatical enemy. How they must have felt to finally have a handgun this powerful — to have the confidence to enter battle prepared and feel virtually unstoppable.

Monolith Stryker 1911, republic forge, guns, new guns
The Monolith Striker comes with 25 LPI Checkering on Front Strap and Mainspring Housing.

As I held the Monolith Stryker 1911— knowing its heritage evoked empathy for those who fought for our country enabling me to stand here today embracing the freedoms that I have.  Republic Forge understands this and you can feel the honor and pride that goes along with their craftsmanship in their guns.

I found the Monolith a pleasure to shoot. I hear a lot of complaints that 1911s are “bottom heavy”, not this gun. The weight is nicely distributed. Recoil? What recoil? The monolith is so solid and nice to handle. It has a comfortable grip and a custom square trigger that breaks clean at 3.5 lbs. The frame and slide are carbon steel with expertly cut front and rear cocking serrations. The XS Suppressor height night sights are quite nice especially if you choose to mount a suppressor. Which can easily be accomplished with the Jarvis threaded barrel.

Monolith Stryker 1911, republic forge, guns, new guns
A Jarvis threaded barrel makes mounting a suppressor a breeze.

Range Time

Range Day with this pistol was nothing short of interesting. Being a woman, it is always a thrill to show up with something unique in hand. And this Monolith was definitely unique.

“Whatcha got there young lady?”

“Think you can handle that 45?”

“Would you like some help on running that pistol?”

Just a few of the helpful comments from some very interested range shooters. I simply stated I was fine and headed for my target. After the first shot, I was hooked. Round after round my groupings were accurate and consistent. The Monolith Stryker 1911 was smooth to handle and reloads were a breeze. Having the opportunity to shoot this 1911 was a remarkably fun and gratifying change of pace for me.

Monolith Stryker 1911, republic forge, guns, new guns
The gun was an absolute pleasure to shoot. I had lot’s of offers to “help” me shoot it.

Being a woman, it is always a thrill to show up with something unique in hand.

It’s evident Republic Forge takes pride in their hard work and dedication to excellence that goes into each and every gun they produce. “We get our hands dirty every day making a custom pistol for you that when shooting it, gives you the thrill of a lifetime”. Founded January of 2014 in Perryton Texas, Republic Forge has already achieved great success and continues to grow in making a name for themselves.

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If you are looking to acquire a solid 1911 I urge you to check into Republic Forge. They give you the option to “build your own” which enables you to have exactly what you’re looking for — your personal style and preferences, your custom choices making your gun unique to you. As stated on their website, “A true one-of-a-kind investment, Republic Forge will customize your 1911 with options such as custom grips, frames, slides, calibers, safety, sights, colors, models and more”. Their state of the art website makes this process simple. The most daunting task is making a decision — the options seem endless. Each gun is handmade start to finish here in the states with all American made parts. Not to mention the final touch of pure Texas pride. Republic Forge states that their dream is to, “build first-class 1911 pistols, that are made by Americans, for the Republic”.

Monolith Stryker 1911, republic forge, guns, new guns
The gun comes complete with XS Suppressor Height Night Sights.

My only issue with the Monolith Stryker 1911 would be I have to eventually return it. It has been an absolute pleasure to run this weapon. After learning the history, getting to know the company and having the time to work with this gun, I may just need to obtain one for myself.

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Monolith Stryker 1911 Specifications:

  • Custom Square Trigger Guard
  • Carbon Steel Frame and Slide
  • Top Slide Serrations
  • Jarvis Threaded Barrel
  • Ambi Safety
  • 25 LPI Checkering on Front Strap and Mainspring Housing
  • XS Suppressor Height Night Sights
  • Blended S&A Magwell
  • Burnt Bronze Cerakote with Black Controls
  • 3.5 lbs. Trigger
  • RF Logo Alumigrips
  • 8 + 1 Round Capacity

For more information, visit

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