TRP 10mm RMR From Springfield Armory: Review


TRP 10mm RMR The Springfield TRP 10mm RMR is the latest evolution of the popular TRP pistol.

They are the best of the best. They are the consummate professionals and are seen as the gold standard in civilian tactical operations. They are the F.B.I’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and their equipment standards are demanding to say the least. When the request went out from the HRT for a new 1911 pistol, Springfield answered in a big way. They developed what has become one of the most popular 1911 pistols in the companies line up. Named the Tactical Response Pistol (TRP) it has been the go to gun for countless shooters. While the gun has remained popular, Springfield saw fit to raise the bar and release the TRP in the much-loved 10mm. It was a hit and the TRP found a new audience with hunters and those how wanted a little bit more bang in their 1911 platform. I find it ironic that a pistol built to meet FBI standards should end up chambered in 10mm. The same round the FBI embraced for a short time. Fast-forward to today and the powers that be felt that there was one more thing they could do to the TRP to make it even better. Say hello to the TRP 10mm RMR!

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“I find it ironic that a pistol built to meet FBI standards should end up chambered in 10mm.”

TRP 10mm RMR The Springfield TRP 10mm RMR answers the call for a serious defensive handgun that incorporates the RMR right out of the box!

There has been a growing demand in the shooting world for solid pistols designed to support red dot optics. Essentially, they are tired of getting their favorite pistol and then dragging it down to the gunsmith for modifications so they can run a red dot. Springfield has heard that call and modified their popular 10mm TRP to support the Trijicon RMR. There is no need for gunsmithing or any modification. The gun includes the optic and it is ready to roll right out of the box. Springfield is making the gun in a 5″ version as well as a 6″ long slide model. The gun I got in for testing was a very good-looking 5″ model and it had the telltale Springfield feel to it right away.

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TRP 10mm RMR The pistol includes Springfield’s Posi-Lock on the front strap and main spring housing.

I have had the fortune of running several TRP’s in .45 ACP and was interested in the new sight and caliber configuration. First impressions are important and the TRP 10mm RMR started things off well. The gun is not a lightweight — coming in at a manageable 44 ounces. This minor bit of extra heft helps to tame the 10mm round. No aluminum here as the frame and slide are forged steel. Once again, I will reference the weight of the gun and its’ necessity in launching a 10mm round without punishing the shooter.

TRP 10mm RMR The well thought out design of the gun helped manage the recoil and make is a smooth shooter.

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Feature wise, the gun is focused on the 10mm. They include well-made match grade stainless steel barrels with fully supported ramps. This combination made the gun not only accurate but also reliable in feeding. A long term by product is durability as well. The engineers have opted to go with a beefy 18.5-lbs recoil spring. They have found this to be the optimal spring weight to help shooters get the most out of the gun in 10mm. To go along with the RMR are a set of integrated night sights that are easy to acquire through the optic. While the RMR is undoubtedly reliable, it is always prudent to have a back up in case of a worst-case scenario. Grip on the gun was positive and comfortable. It includes Springfield’s Posi-Lock on the front strap and main spring housing. It is a bit different from the sometimes-harsh checkering found on most 1911’s. It was a good balance of grip and comfort. Grips are the popular G10 VZ, which I have come to really like. They perform as nice as they look. The controls on the gun are a well-formed beavertail grip safety and an ambidextrous thumb safety. Last but not least on the operational side is the trigger. Springfield has included the Gen 2 Speed Trigger. Out of the box, the TRP 10mm RMR breaks at a clean 4.5 to 5 lbs. Wrap the whole thing up with their own Black-T finish and you have a gun that is not only weather resistant, but holster wear resistant as well. 

TRP 10mm RMR Springfield has included their Gen 2 Speed Trigger on this new model.

The Fun Part

Now that I was done kicking the tires, it was time for a test drive. Range day would be a mix of paper and steel. Paper for proof and steel for enjoyment. Honestly, who doesn’t enjoy shooting steel, especially with a 10mm. Ammunition for this trip would be a mix of Hornady 175-grain Critical Duty and 155-grain Custom as well as Federal 180-grain Hydra-Shok and 180-grain Trophy Bonded. The function test spoke purely of Springfield as the gun cycled well with a clean break on the trigger. If it had to be summarized I would say it felt like an angrier big brother to the TRP in .45ACP that I know so well. The heavier slide and frame coupled with the 18.5 lbs. recoil spring made recoil very manageable. The inclusion of the RMR made this a very fast gun to shoot. While you would expect massive muzzle flip, it was hardly noticeable. At 20 yards I essentially shot a ragged hole with each flavor of ammo I fed the TRP. With my paper target sufficiently punctured, steel was now on the schedule and ring away it did. The 10mm generally provides over 420 foot-pounds of energy at over 1,000 fps. Compare that to 9mm which gives around 300 foot-pounds. The end result is sending a round downrange with real punch power. The RMR was a very nice addition as I began a walk back on the steel target. 25 yard and 50 yard shots were a breeze and the optic combined with a good trigger allowed me to even ring steel at 100 yards. Is there a “tactical” reason to shoot steel at 100 yard? Not really but it’s a good demonstration that the gun is not chained to CQB type shooting and would be a great hunting handgun for appropriate sized game. As the ammo boxes ran empty I had gained a solid respect for the Springfield TRP 10mm RMR. It was a well deigned and finished war hammer with exceptional ballistic power and optic speed.

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TRP 10mm RMR The inclusion of the Trijicon RMR red dot makes the gun quick to get on target.

The 10mm generally provides over 420 foot-pounds of energy at over 1,000 fps.

The question I get from time to time is “what are you going to use 10mm for?”  The answer is – Pretty much anything you want. The 10mm is a solid defensive round as well as a great performing backcountry insurance policy or a dedicated handgun hunting platform. There is a reason the FBI had gone to 10mm for a while. Springfield TRP 10mm RMR is a solid performer and certainly worth a close look by anyone looking for anything from a defensive gun to a hunting rig. The gun is a winner.

TRP 10mm RMR The TRP 10mm RMR ran a variety of both Federal and Hornady ammunition flawlessly.

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  • Caliber: 10mm
  • Magazines: 2 eight round stainless steel with Slam Pad
  • Barrel: 5″ Stainless steel match grade with fully supported feed ramp
  • Sights: Trijicon RMR with Integrated night sights
  • Trigger: Springfield Armory Gen 2 Speed Trigger
  • Grips: Green and black G10
  • Frame: Black -T finish, Posi-Lok front strap and main spring housing, Heavy frame and beveled magwell
  • Slide: 5″ with Black -T finish; Rear cocking serrations and ball cut
  • Recoil System: GI Style 18.5 lbs. recoil spring
  • Height: 6.4″
  • Length: 8.6″
  • Grip width: 1.3″
  • Weight empty: 44 ounces

For more information, visit:

TRP 10mm RMR To go along with the RMR are a set of integrated night sights that are easy to acquire through the optic.

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