Review: Taurus Raging Hunter Revolver

Mostly known for its firearms for concealed carry, Taurus for years has been developing and shipping handguns for the hunter. One such handgun is the Raging Hunter revolver, which is chambered in .44 magnum. While not the most powerful hunting caliber out there, it’s a favorite among hunters around the world.

It’s a 6-shot revolver with a beautiful two-tone finish. There are two options with this revolver; Matte Black Oxide and Stainless.

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Let’s take a look at some specs, provided by Taurus:

  • FRAME SIZE: Large
  • CAPACITY: 6 rds
  • CALIBER: 44 Mag
  • HEIGHT: 7.10″
  • WIDTH: 1.80″
  • WEIGHT: 55.00 oz.
  • BARREL LENGTH: 8.37″
  • OVERALL LENGTH: 15.75″
  • FRONT SIGHT: Fixed
  • REAR SIGHT: Adjustable
  • SAFETY: Transfer Bar
  • MSRP: $910.27

taurus raging hunter

At 55 ounces and over a foot in overall length, it’s a hefty firearm to help with the recoil provided by the .44 magnum round. It does come in lighter than their Raging Bull series, but still handles things pretty well. Helping with the recoil are the well-placed porting and gas expansion chamber. This setup is designed to “disperse gases directionally-reducing muzzle lift and delivering quicker target acquisition.”

taurus raging hunter

The cylinder offers a dual-locking set-up, ensuring that everything remains properly aligned. Not only is that alignment perfect each time in the rear, but also at the front as well. This is important with the larger caliber revolvers, as things can change the timing over the life of the revolver. This, effectively, can start sheering off side pieces of the bullets as they leave the cylinder and make their way to the barrel.

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taurus raging hunter

taurus raging hunter

The trigger lacks any grooves, providing a smooth feel. The comfort that this provides, especially with a large-caliber revolver, is essential when shooting. It also allows your finger to slide up and down the trigger, giving you better control over placement of not only your finger, but of your shots as well.

The rubber grip is what truly helps keep your hand… un-mutilated. Again, we’re talking about a large-caliber revolver that can provide some hefty recoil. With these large rubber grips, it negates the sting and pain that you will get with other firearms that don’t offer this feature.

taurus raging hunter

A popular feature is the optics-ready Picatinny rail, which you can see above. This gives the hunter many options when it comes to the world of optics and wouldn’t be a proper hunting revolver without it.

taurus raging hunter

The rear sight is fixed, while the rear is adjustable. Having adjustable sights on any firearm is a requirement that I personally have, and if they’re not adjustable, I’d need a way to swap them out for something that I can tweak.

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taurus raging hunter

In line with recoil management and lowering the overall weight, they’ve made some changes to the barrel system, which incorporates a steel sleeve that’s actually inserted into an aluminum housing. This aluminum housing maintains the strength of the firearm, while drastically decreasing its overall weight.

If you’re in the market for a hunting revolver, both beginners and experts, the Taurus Raging Hunter will satisfy your desires. Coming in at less weight than many other hunting revolvers while still keeping that recoil from the 44 magnum cartridge in check, it’s not an extra job to carry it around with you while out on the hunt.

Did I mention the Taurus Raging Hunter was named 2019 American Hunter “Hunting Handgun of the Year”?

Brandon Curtis, Contributor

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I won the Raging Hunter from Gallery Of Guns giveaway, and found it to be an awesome gun.
This is a very powerful weapon.
Still looking to mount a scope on it for hunting this fall.

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