Rival Arms Glock Ready Red Build Kit Assembly & Review

Rival Arms makes high quality glock upgrade parts so that you can really customize your glock. The glock is a very simple pistol that can be customized and used for a large number of different purposes.

This is one of the faction series glock build kits. All you need is a frame to be able to put it on. This is the Gen 4 Model 17, but they make it for a number of different generations.

The Rival Arms Ready Red is a complete custom slide kit for your glock. The custom slide comes with RMR cuts and is CMC machined. The Ready Red is made out of 17 4ph stainless steel and has the beautiful red coming through. The threaded barrel is fluted is a 416R stainless steel billet. Since the barrel is threaded, you can attach suppressors and compensators. The kit comes with suppressor height night sights for if you do attach a suppressor.

The first thing to install onto the body of your glock from the Ready Red Kit is the channel sleeve. This is hidden deep into the glock in the Ready Red custom slide. Be careful when inserting it into the slide because you can crack and break the channel sleeve. Next, you are going to take your safety plunger and install the small spring. Then, take the extractor and drop the round circular part near the back of the slide and drop it down into the slot. While keeping your finger on the extractor, insert your safety plunger into the bottom of the custom slide.

The next piece that you’re going to install is the extractor depressor plunger. First, you are going to take the spring and fit it onto the little nub and then put the plunger into the spring that you just attached.  Then, while keeping your thumb on the extractor, drop in your safety plunger.

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The striker assembly of the Ready Red Kit is assembled by first taking your striker sleeve and putting it over your striker. Then take your spring and put it over the top. Once you have done this, take the lip of your striker and place it where it rests on the back of the slide and then press down on the spring till it is down past the ledge of the striker. Now that the spring is below the ledge on the striker, you are going to take the two little cuffs and place them on both sides above the spring. Finally, enter your striker assembly down into the channel and take your back slide plate and push down on both the striker assembly and extractor depressor plunger so that you can snap the plate into place.

Next, we are going to install our suppressor height sights. The sights are Swiss Tritium and are some of the brightest on the market. First, remove the small nut on the sight. Then, take denatured alcohol and rub it in both the front and back sight channels and also on the sight itself to remove any lubricant. After letting them dry, first insert the front sight to its slot and attach the screw into the bottom till it’s tight (not overly tight).  Finally, take the rear sight and slide it into its slot.  Using a MGW pusher tool,  you are able to both tighten and adjust your sight. Make sure to tighten down your set screws to add a little bit of lock tight.

To install the barrel for the Ready Red Kit, you are going to first take off the thread protector and slide the barrel in just like you would with a standard glock. Next, insert your recoil spring and guide rod and re attach your thread protector.  Once you have finished adding the barrel to the Ready Red custom slide, the upper assembly is complete.

rival arms glock

Installing the Ready Red upper mag well is very simple.  Take out the small set screw and add a drop of loctite to it.  Then take the magwell and push it into that cavity at the bottom of the grip for your glock.  Make sure that you have it set all the way in so that you can see the hole for your set screw all the way in the back. Add your set screw and tighten both it and the locking screw on the bottom of the magwell.

After you have finished the magwell, take your Ready Red custom slide and slide it over the frame testing it for function. 

For testing we are going to add a Truglo Tru•Tec™ Micro Open Dot Sight.  First insert the battery to the bottom of the sight. Remove your cover plate from the glock Ready Red custom slide. After removing the slide, add your Truglo Tru•Tec™ Micro Open Dot Sight and and apply some thread locker to your screws. Then add your screws to tighten the scope to the Ready Red custom slide.

At the range we used Fiocchi 9mm rounds and a Lula Loader to get the mags filled very quickly and efficiently.  After adding a small amount of lubricant to the slide rail and barrel, the gun was ready for firing. We fired around 500 rounds and had no malfunctions and zero-break in period.

The Rival Arms Ready Red Faction Series custom glock felt great, looked great, and worked great.

“Be strong, Be of good Courage, God Bless America, long live the Republic” – Sootch00

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rival arms glock

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