Roaring Fire Gear ToolRoll “Pack Mule” – Sootch00 Review

The Roaring Fire Gear ToolRoll the “Pack Mule” is the most versatile ToolRoll I’ve seen. Double-sided to fit a lot of tools, EDC, survival, or medical gear. This Toolroll is something like I have ever seen. The Roaring Fire ToolRoll bag is ideal for being stored in your vehicle. It’s a perfect bag for organizing your tools or gear for your car, as a repair kit, organizer pouch for your knives, EDC gear, flashlights, crafts, and specialty hobbyist supplies. It’s perfect for daily use for short-distance trips. This ToolRoll can fit a lot of different types of gear in it. Even when hanging, this bag keeps everything in place. These bags are the size of a small toolbox; once you open the tool roll-up, everything is right there in front of you. 

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This new ToolRoll bag comes with the following features:

Double Sided: Double-sided use allows you can hold more gear and makes the tool bag more versatile.

Removable Pouches: Add the removable pouches in your backpack to be more organized. Two of the removable pouches have a transparent mesh cover so that you can identify your gear faster.

Flap Covers: Both two sides have flap covers to keep your gear more secure, even when fully loaded. There are two-way YKK zippers with pull to allow you to open and close the flap covers easier. The flap covers will enable you to keep everything intact and keeping everything protected inside. 

Water-resistant coating: The water-resistant coating will keep your gear dry from moisture. This ToolRoll bag is 16Ann canvas water-resistant materials. Everything beads right off and will lead to the pouch holding up very well. 

Adjustable straps: for different body sizes, and it keeps its shape even when fully loaded. 

Removable pouches: The removable pouches are not something that you do not see every day. You can put large items in the four removable pouches. 8 Assorted pockets plus 11 elastic loops allow you to hold many things: gun magazines, fire-starting accessories, and needed tools.

This “Pack Mule” is a double-sided organizer pouch and can be carried with the handle or shoulder strap so that you can use it over your shoulder, as a sling bag, or crossbody bag.


  • Product Size and weight:The Bag’s opened size: 24.8″ (L) x 13″ (W)
  • The YKK Zipper pocket size:13″ (L)x4.7″ (W)
  • The four removable pouches size: 12.2″ (L) x 4.3″ (W)
  • The Tool Bag’s weight is 2.53lbs(excluding package)

For more information on the Roaring Fire Gear ToolRoll “Pack Mule,” click here. 

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