Rock Island Armory M22 22 TCM Rifle: Sootch00 Review

Here’s a unique Caliber that’s one of my favorites. I was first introduced to the 22 TCM in a 1911 Pistol that’s going over 1900 FPS. Now the 22.75″ barrel of the M22, gets the velocity up to 2800 FPS. Pretty impressive.

What’s really cool, is the fireball that comes out of the end of the M22. And yet, the recoil is extremely mild! Overall, the M22 22 TCM is old school, has that traditional hunting look, but man is it beautiful!

Rock Island Armory takes the success and popularity of the 22 TCM cartridge and combines it with the M22 TCM bolt action rifle. This rifle is a small game hunter’s dream, capable of delivering a 40gn projectile over 2800 feet per second out of a 22.75″ barrel. For the money, you would be hard pressed to find another rifle that delivers features like a solid wood stock with classic checkering. Includes receiver rail mount for quick scope attachment and easy reach safety with a 5-round magazine. Top it all off with the ability to interchange the Rock Island 22 TCM 1911 17-round magazine and you have a high capacity rifle that makes a great companion to any TCM series pistol.

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