Hunters make a shocking discovery that proves this gator is nearly 185-years-old

These hunters from Mississippi were thrilled when they shot and killed an alligator weighing nearly half a ton, but it was what they found inside the massive beast that made headlines. They found a series of old scars, and upon cleaning the animal discovered 9 metal spheres they believed to be musket balls. A series of tests confirmed that these were authentic musket balls fired from an Enfield Pattern 1853 rifle-musket.
The wounds were located around the gator’s tail and hind legs leading some to believe that it may have been used as target practice for Confederate troops more than 150 years ago. In addition to the 19th century ammunition, the hunters discovered a variety of scars from multiple gunshot wounds in the recent past. Given that six .50 cal bullets were required to take down this monster gator, it’s no surprise smaller calibers were unable to do the job.
musket ball
Scientists estimate this gator to be 185-years-old at the time of its death. Most American alligators have a lifespan of no more than 80 years, but there are other reptiles who can live well beyond 150. In addition to the record breaking age, this gator is also on of the heaviest on record weighing 910 lbs.
(image source; World News Daily Report)

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