Ruger American New Shooter Academy Episode 2

December 19, 2017

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Ruger American New Shooter Academy Episode 2:

“I Have No Interest in Shooting”: In episode 2 of Ruger American New Shooter Academy, we meet Asia who is a finance professional who works in Manhattan and has never even seen a gun except in a holster on a police officer. Asia was incredibly fearful of being around guns and was reluctant to even hear one fired near her.

Ruger American New Shooter Academy takes four participants on a challenging yet fulfilling journey little-to-no-firearms exposure to confidence and competence with a handgun. The show offers training advise for new and experiences shooters alike, while delivering a captivating chronicle of their challenges and growth throughout the training process.

Firearms trainer Daniel Shaw started from square one (“ground zero” refers to bomb detonation points) — one participant had never held a firearm, while others had very minimal or even negative exposure. Shaw incorporated all of his safety lessons training techniques to build a solid foundation with these four competent shooters who are now positively entrenched in the shooting culture and excited to continue their training in the future.

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