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Ruger American New Shooter Academy Episode 5

American New Shooter Academy Episode 5American New Shooter Academy Episode 5

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Ruger American New Shooter Academy Episode 5:

“Guns Are Definitely Scary to Me”: We meet Jay, Cary’s husband, who is a CrossFit athlete from Connecticut. Jay had never been around guns much in his life and had an understanding guns were scary and dangerous and should not be used. In this episode, he’s visibly intimidated by the presence of a handgun, but when he learns how to be safe and how much fun it is, his perspective shifts.

Ruger American New Shooter Academy takes four participants on a challenging yet fulfilling journey little-to-no-firearms exposure to confidence and competence with a handgun. The show offers training advise for new and experiences shooters alike, while delivering a captivating chronicle of their challenges and growth throughout the training process.

Firearms trainer Daniel Shaw started from square one (“ground zero” refers to bomb detonation points) — one participant had never held a firearm, while others had very minimal or even negative exposure. Shaw incorporated all of his safety lessons training techniques to build a solid foundation with these four competent shooters who are now positively entrenched in the shooting culture and excited to continue their training in the future.

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