Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2: Episode 4

Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2: Episode 4

In Episode 4, Kyle trains with Taylor. Taylor starts with the SR22 – very new to her, as her experience has mainly been with shotguns. They start slowly, focusing on mechanics, one shot at a time to a target.

Once they evaluate her results and refine the mechanics, Taylor steps up to the Security-9 and shoots the steel targets.

Kyle’s takeaway tips from his session with Taylor:

  1. Proper grip is a key fundamental part of shooting a handgun.
  2. If your shots are hitting to the left or right of where you are aiming, adjust where your finger is resting on your trigger.
  3. Don’t anticipate your trigger.
  4. Stay relaxed when shooting, don’t tense up.

ruger american new shooter academy season 2

About the Series:

Host Kyle Harth, Firearms Instructor, US Army Special Forces, provides firearms training to a family of new shooters. These individuals will receive specialized training to develop their shooting skills with Ruger firearms, while having fun, safely, together as a family.

Ruger American New Shooter Academy Season 2 is presented by DeSantis GunHide.

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