Ruger Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership Binge List

November 16, 2020

In the new “Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership” series from Ruger, Mark Gurney takes new gun owners through the most important things to remember when handling a firearm. From safety rules and equipment, to range etiquette, to how to store your firearms, this series will give any new gun owner the tools to confidently and securely use their new purchase.

Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership – Introduction

Mark Gurney introduces the “Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership” series from Ruger. The series will take new gun owners through the important things they need to know – Safety Rules, Range Etiquette, Range Safety Equipment, and Safe Storage.

Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership – Safety Rules

The four safety rules of gun ownership and handling are incredibly important to keeping yourself and those around you safe. Mark Gurney takes new shooters through a new take on the top things to remember above all else. – 1. All guns are always loaded; 2. Never point the muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy; 3. Finger off the trigger until your sights are on target; 4. Be sure of your target.

Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership – Range Etiquette

An important rule of range etiquette is “keep your muzzle pointed down range at all times” – a rule that can be forgotten at a shooting range. Mark Gurney takes us through the most common lapses in etiquette he sees at gun ranges, and gives us alternative actions to keep the shooter and those around them as safe as possible at all times.

Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership – Range Safety Equipment

Ruger’s Mark Gurney discusses the essentials of range safety in this video, from ear plugs to electronic ear muffs, safety glasses and head coverings, he supplies the how’s and why’s to keep a shooter unharmed.

Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership – Safe Storage

Firearms safety doesn’t end at the range, safe storage is just as important as everything else. Never store your ammunition along with your firearm, and use locking devices or storage cases and safes when the firearms are not in use. Mark Gurney at Ruger shows us the basics to safe storage in this final video in Ruger’s “Fundamentals of Firearms Ownership” series.

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