Ruger LCP Max 10/12 .380 ACP – Sootch00 Review

The Ruger LCP Max takes the LCP line to another level. This pistol has a 10 to 12 round capacity and yet only slightly larger. There are a lot of design improvements to this pistol as well.

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One of the most significant advantages of the Ruger LCP Max is the last round bolt hold open. It held open every time and will give you a lot of confidence.

This pistol is very small and will hang off the edge. It is under 1” wide and 11 oz. in weight. With the finger rest, it gives you a good size full grip. You can pull out the 12-round magazine or the included finger grip extension floor plate with the 10-round magazine if you have bigger hands. This extension offers a slightly extended grip to fit the hands better.

The design lines is very similar to the LCP II. The most significant difference is the LCP Max is a little thicker. There is a dovetailed sight on the LCP MAX, which will allow for many options for sights on the gun. There is also a cocking shelf that I like.

There are also many improvements inside the Ruger LCP Max that make it a more reliable firearm. With the seared to hammer geometry. It is so great to see Ruger improve the design and not just adding rounds. It is a smoother finish on the side, and this is something that I like. The bevels on the side allow for easy holstering. The Ruger LCP Max has an improved ergonomic grip for more control, a reversible magazine release, and a secure action trigger that allows for a short, smooth pull and a clean break and positive reset.

The Ruger LCP max comes on the heels of the Max 9. This gun is a short gun to put in your pockets. The barrel is 2.8 inches in length, all-alloy steel, and has a black oxide finish, and is tumbled. It is 5.7 inches in length and 4.12 inches in height. One nice improvement they made is to the slide with the cocking shells. It gives you a nice bite with the serrations.

The aluminum frame insert in the Ruger LCP Max gives it more rigidity and less flex. There have been improvements with the magazine feed lips and the barrel cam geometry, making it delays a little bit longer and allowing for less recoil.

For more information on the Ruger LCP Max click here

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