THE REBIRTH OF AN ICON: Meet the “New” Ruger Marlin 336 Classic!

As a former Director of Marketing for Marlin, I was curious about Ruger’s take on the reintroduced Marlin 336 Classic. So, I sat down with Eric Lundgren, Marlin Product Manager at the 2023 NRA Annual Meetings for a closer look. Watch the video above for a deep dive into one of the most eagerly anticipated rifle introductions of the year, the Ruger Marlin 336 Classic.

Ruger Marlin 336 Classic
Ruger Marlin 336 Classic. Photo courtesy of Ruger and Marlin.

A Brief History

First, a little history on Marlin. Prior to Ruger’s acquisition of Marlin, it was part of Remington and ended production in early 2020. The 336 started gathering dust when Remington went bankrupt, closed their doors, and ceased operations. To Marlin fans’ delight, in September 2020, Ruger bought Marlin, saving the iconic brand and rifles. The Marlin 336 returns this year, with the first model being the 336 Classic.

Some Marlin fans have been wondering why Marlin waited until now to bring back the 336 in 30-30 Winchester. There are also many more questions Marlin fans want answers to such as Why do the new Marlins cost as much as they do? Why was the 1895SBL in 45-70 the first rifle Marlin brought back into production? What is Marlin doing with all the old parts? Will the new parts fit older Marlin rifles? These are all great questions. Fortunately, in this video, we answer those questions and more.

We asked Mr. Lundgren these questions, and he gave us the answers. If you want to know about the 336 or have any interest in Marlin in general, this is a must-see video. It provides you with a unique peak behind the Ruger Marlin curtain. Mr. Lundgren provides some fantastic information and insight. You won’t be disappointed.

Also, DON’T MISS our review video to see how the new Marlin 336 performs and to see why we think these new Marlins are likely to be the best lever actions ever produced!

Article by Matt Foster

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