Ruger PC9 Charger Pistol – Sootch00 Review

Ruger introduced their first PC9 carbine about 25 years ago and it had a dismal welcoming, it was not that popular. At that time, a lot of people were not really interested in 9mm pistol caliber carbines. When they reintroduced their PC9, it was very popular with the shooting market. One of the big reasons is because it looks so traditional. It looks like your standard rifle, not so tactical.

Then they introduced their Charger model. This is in the pistol form with an added brace. It’s just a very compact package. One of the beautiful things is that you can take it, pull your bolt back a bit and it makes it even smaller. These things are incredibly compact and small. They’re so popular, I’ve had a hard time finding one.

Ever since the PC9 Charger was introduced, I really wanted to get my hands on one. I appreciate Rodney for letting me borrow his and that’s why we’re doing this video at night.

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pc9 charger

Ruger PC Charger is a short version on the PC9 Carbine. Compact, adaptable and is a Take Down model. Boy is this fun to shoot! Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for keeping us supplied with ammo! Thanks to Rodney at NCHeel Channel for the loaner!

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