Ruger Range Drills Season 2: Grip and Trigger Control on a Handgun

Ruger Range Drills Season 2: Grip and Trigger Control on a Handgun with Kyle Hearth, Firearms Instructor, US Army Special Forces

grip and trigger control

In this episode of Ruger Range Drills Season 2, Kyle Hearth discusses and demonstrates grip and trigger control on a handgun. These are two very important aspects of engaging with your handgun because your grip control is how you control and cover the surfaces of that handgun. And your trigger control is going to relate to downrange how you put those rounds on target. Bad trigger control will give you an air to the left or right depending on whether you are pulling or pushing the trigger. The grip is going to let us control the pistol. So with those two aspects, we’re going to be able to stabilize the handgun, so it stays in the same place as we shoot it, and then our trigger control to make sure we’re right on target.

Kyle performs the Shoot 2, Reload, Shoot 2 Drill with a Ruger Security 9 pistol. (Buy here)

Ruger Range Drills Season 2 is sponsored by Ruger and DeSantis Holsters.

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