Ruger Range Drills Season 2: Shooting Around Barricades

Ruger Range Drills Season 2: Shooting Around Barricades with Kyle Hearth, Firearms Instructor, US Army Special Forces

A barricade can really be anything – a barrel, a door – but be careful with what you choose for barricade material because it should be something that is softer than the bullets and will allow them to pass through, should you engage them at all. Definitely avoid hard metal for safety reasons.

First part of the drill is the approach. You are using the barricade as cover, so you want to make sure that it makes you obscure from the target area. Second, make sure you stay behind the barricade until you are ready to shoot. Third, you want to maintain the proper distance behind the barricade – typically an arm’s length away. The last piece is engaging your target – easing around the barricade so the targets are in sight, but you are still covered. You will want to practice both sides, shooting side & non-shooting side.

The barricade adds a fun element to your shooting training & gives you a different perspective to targeting.

Kyle performs the Shooting Around Barricades Drill with a Ruger PC Carbine. (Buy here)

Ruger Range Drills Season 2 is sponsored by Ruger and DeSantis Holsters.

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