Ruger American New Shooter Academy – Maggie’s Mission: Evgeniya

On this episode of Maggie’s Mission! Evgeniya came to the US as a Russian exchange student during college. After school, she got into marketing, and up to this point has had no real exposure or experiences with guns.

Evgeniya is interested in purchasing her own firearm but wants to learn more about the different types of guns, so she can determine what is best for her purposes. Safety is of utmost concern as she has a 15-year-old daughter.

Maggie is excited to allow Evgeniya the opportunity to try out two very different guns, the Ruger Security-9 and the Ruger PC Carbine, so she can see what suits her. Watch to find out which she firearm she prefers!

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Ruger American New Shooter Academy – Maggie’s Mission:

The third installment of Ruger American New Shooter Academy is hosted by professional shooter and Ruger brand ambassador, Maggie Reese Voigt. As a competitive shooter for over 10 years, Maggie is dedicated to welcoming new shooters into the firearms community. In this series, Maggie works with four very inexperienced new shooters to teach them how to properly handle and use their firearms. Her top priorities are to make sure they’re safe, and make sure they’re having fun. Practice and training are key, because better shooters are safer shooters! This is Maggie’s Mission!

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