Ruger American New Shooter Academy – Maggie’s Mission: Gun Cleaning with Hoppe’s 9

April 23, 2021

Gun cleaning may not be the most fun thing about shooting, but it’s certainly one of the most necessary aspects. Maggie’s Mission: to make sure her Ruger guns are ready for more training! She demonstrates how to clean these firearms with her favorite Hoppe’s 9 products.

Quick Clean

Maggie uses Gun Medic for a quick clean – when she doesn’t have time to totally field strip. This magic in a bottle, as she calls it, is a cleaner and lubricant. A quick spray, wipe down, and you’re ready to get back out to the range!

If she has a little more time to clean her firearm, Maggie likes to run the Bore Snake through it. She also adds a drop or two of CLP oil into the feed ramp, and any other part that’s moving.

Field Strip

Hoppe’s 9 Black Line includes a slew of high performance products to really do a deep clean on your firearm. Maggie demonstrates the cleaner and precision oil to field strip the Ruger PC Carbine.

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Ruger American New Shooter Academy – Maggie’s Mission:

The third installment of Ruger American New Shooter Academy is hosted by professional shooter and Ruger brand ambassador, Maggie Reese Voigt. As a competitive shooter for over 10 years, Maggie is dedicated to welcoming new shooters into the firearms community. In this series, Maggie works with four very inexperienced new shooters to teach them how to properly handle and use their firearms. Her top priorities are to make sure they’re safe, and make sure they’re having fun. Practice and training are key, because better shooters are safer shooters! This is Maggie’s Mission!

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