Ruger Single Six Revolver – Sootch00 Review

The Ruger Single Six was introduced in 1953 and is still a popular single action revolver. A lot of options with barrel length, caliber and 22/22 Mag Convertible models. This gun just takes you back to the old west. 

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The Ruger Single Six was designed in 1953. This is a very popular firearm. It has a unique design that was popular back in the 1800’s. The cylinder goes clockwise. The new single six has a transfer bar. It is a single action. The trigger does not activate the hammer unless the hammer is pulled in the rear position. The chamber is recessed. You do not want to dry fire any of your 22’s. 

Single six stands for the 6 rounds in the cylinder. This model has the adjustable sites and has a fiber optic. The grips can be changed out very simply. It is a cold hammer forge barrel – that will give you good accuracy and longer life. 

The trigger is a very crisp trigger at 3 lbs and 14 ounces. This allows you to get really good accuracy. It makes those shots count because it is slow to load and unload. 

The Ruger Single Six puts you in a whole different world. The low report of the round and the ease of shooting is great for first time shooters. 

For more information on the Ruger Single Six click here

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