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SHOT SHOW 2024, LAS VEGAS, NV – Renowned for affordable, rugged gear, Savior Equipment introduced their impressive new Electronic Ear Pro at SHOT 2024. These earmuffs feature standard gels, operate on AAA batteries and come with Velcro name tags for personalization. Padded tops ensure comfort, while straightforward construction emphasizes durability. Equally impressive, they retail at just $40, making them a bargain buy.

Adding to the convenience factor, visual left/right ear indicators prevent misplacement. By design, these noise-canceling earmuffs boast simple operation and utilitarian features. In contrast to most ear pro lines, the Savior Equipment Electronic Ear Pro comes in nine colors, from standard to fun shades. The Savior Equipment Electronic Ear Pro is a must-have for shooters seeking affordability and reliability.

About Savior Equipment

Dedicated to providing top-notch firearm accessory solutions, Savior Equipment believes that success is measured by customer satisfaction. Constantly seeking feedback, they update and design products based on customer input. Their goal is to offer exceptional quality gear at affordable prices by sourcing materials competitively. Savior Equipment stands behind their products, offering warranties and outstanding in-house customer support to ensure customer satisfaction. They are motivated by all feedback, striving to innovate and design products tailored to customer needs.

Pro Tip for New Shooters

No matter what you choose, electronic ear protection is vital for shooters to safeguard their hearing while enjoying the sport. Exposure to loud gunfire can cause irreversible damage, leading to hearing loss or tinnitus. Most importantly, electronic earmuffs or earplugs actively block harmful noise levels while allowing normal conversation and ambient sounds to be heard. By reducing gunshot noise to safe levels, electronic ear protection preserves hearing health without compromising situational awareness on the range or in the field. Furthermore, protecting one’s hearing enhances shooting performance by minimizing distractions and allowing shooters to focus on accuracy and technique. Investing in electronic ear protection is not only a smart decision for immediate safety but also for long-term auditory health and enjoyment of shooting activities.


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So what's the noise reduction? Kind of basic info, no?

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