SCCY DVG 1 Budget Gun Sootch00 Review

SCCY has been in business since 2003, making really budget-friendly handguns right here in the USA. Typically they have a 10 round magazine, they’re fairly lightweight, they’re easy to use and easy to conceal for a concealed carry. But one of the things that I’ve had a problem with over the years with the SCCY is the trigger pull. And with their hammer fired pistols, it just had a long and heavy trigger pull. It was still reliable and I mean it was still did the job. With the DVG, this is their striker fired pistol and the trigger is vastly improved. Now we were introduced to the SCCY DVG-1 through the GetZone holiday gift guide. When I went to pick it up from a local gun shop, I was like, ‘Oh, it’s a sky.’ When I took it out to the range, with this trigger, I was impressed.

The SCCY DVG-1 is a huge upgrade from the original SCCY pistols. They still make the CPX2 but it is a internal hammer fired pistol. This is their striker fired pistol. One of the things about the SCCY traditionally is the trigger pull has been fairly long and heavy. With the new SCCY DVG-1, you have a flat faced trigger, and it makes it really smooth with a striker fire.

Taking the SCCY DVG-1 out to the range, the number one thing was the trigger. It’s just so vastly improved. So when I’ve got those first shots off, I was really impressed. I mean, for the money that you’re paying for these, I think this is an excellent choice. It’s fairly small, it’s lightweight, it’s concealable, and really the muzzle flip was very manageable. With 10+1, you have a pretty good capacity and with all these micros that are out on the market, this comes in at a much more reasonable price. Again, this firearm is made right here in the USA. We didn’t have any malfunctions, I mean it just ran. It’s very portable, it’s got a fairly ample grip to it with the finger grooves so you feel like you’ve got a good purchase on it, plus with that magazine extension, it gives you a full size field for the firearm and yet it is a small concealable package.

For those who are looking for a really good solid, budget priced 9mm with 10+1, I think that the SCCY DVG-1 is an excellent choice. I think these are some huge upgrades and they do have a lifetime warranty on these pistols and the company is right here in the USA. So if you’re looking for something for self-defense and you’re on a budget, this is an excellent choice.

Big thanks to Fiocchi USA for Supplying our ammunition! ## #

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sccy dvg-1

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