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Waterfowl Buyer’s Guide 2017/2018 Season

It’s difficult to find a group of hunters who are more passionate about their favorite pastime than waterfowl hunters. Each year as the annual southward waterfowl migration begins you’ll find duck and goose hunters knee-deep in swamps, lying prone in layout blinds and braving the big water chasing divers. They don’t fear inclement weather. In […]

Top 8 Hunting Boots for the 2017-2018 Hunting Season

With autumn officially upon us, it’s time to start making last-minute preparations to ensure a successful fall hunting season. If you’re a serious hunter there’s little doubt you’ve already spent weeks or months applying for tags, hanging stands, gathering photos from trail cameras, scouting, glassing, and tuning your bow or rifle. You’ve worked hard to […]

Springfield Armory Introduces 6 New Guns for 2017

Springfield Armory wasted no time in introducing not three, not five, but SIX new guns for 2017! If you’ve been waiting to buy yourself a new Springfield pistol or rifle, now is the perfect time! Check out their impressive lineup of new guns:   EMP® 4″ CONCEALED CARRY CONTOUR: The new EMP® Concealed Carry Contour brings a new, […]


Physics Lesson: What Happens When an AK-47 is Fired Under Water

Destin of SmarterEveryDay teaches us about the physics of cavitation by firing an AK-47 under water. The bullet itself only travels 5-6 feet, but what the gas bubbles do is incredible! It’s amazing what you can see at 27,450 frames/second. Related Stories: Binge Watch GetZone’s New Original Series: American Nomads Related Stories: Extreme Huntress 2017: Century Arms AK47 Challenge […]

New Gear: Grey Ghost Precision GLOCK® Slides

Aero Precision has formed a partnership with Grey Ghost Precision to engineer and manufacture a growing line of Glock® slides and pistol components. This line will offer the highest quality, drop-in-ready slides that are affordable and attainable. Related Stories: Extreme Huntress 2017: Concealed Carry with Springfield Armory and CrossBreed Holsters The Grey Ghost Precision Glock® slides […]

The Aoudad Mountain Hunt You Can Afford

The Best-Kept Secret in Mountain Hunts: Free-range Texas aoudad are exotics, but don’t let that fool you. These North African sheep are right at home in the desert southwest and they make hunters work hard. “They’re right there. Right above us, a whole band of them,” said guide Robert Curry of Back Country Hunts. I […]


Video: Top 10+ BIGGEST Fish Ever Caught!

A video from Epic Wildlife‘s YouTube Channel features 11 BIGGEST Fish Ever Caught! Some are truly unbelievable! From greenland sharks, to the Mekong Giant Catfish that was bigger than a grizzly bear, to a blue marlin that weighed an incredible 1,368 pounds! One question we have, is who the heck is cleaning and eating these monsters?! […]

The MRC X2: A Righteous Lefty From Montana Rifle Company

Left-handed people tend to adapt quickly to a right-handed world. For most of us, learning to use right-handed scissors, can openers, doors, car controls and other stuff that right-handers take for granted are a minor irritation that is quickly forgotten over time. Left-handed folks automatically reverse instructions on most everything in a left-friendly sequence and […]

Hogue Knives: Top 3 Expert Picks

If you’ve been a shooter for any significant length of time, you’ve probably heard of Hogue, Inc. Since 1968, Hogue has been a leading force in the design and manufacture of high-quality handgun grips, rifle and shotgun stocks, and a variety of other products. As a family-run company, they approach every aspect of their business […]