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Barrett Fieldcraft — Building The Perfect Rifle

For the past several years I have been involved with companies that sponsor the Extreme Huntress contest which puts seven women hunters through their paces to find out who is the best Huntress for the year. This year I was informed I would be going on an Axis cull hunt while I was in Texas […]

Bear Edge Pocket Knife: An Affordable Workhorse

I’ve carried some type of knife on me most of my life. The first one was a tiny two-blade hardware store special my grandfather gave me when I was in Kindergarten. I remember bringing it in for show and tell and my teacher taking from me after I told the class all about it. She […]

8 Great Options For Levergun Lovers

With so many low-priced bolt guns and a surge of new sporting ARs available today is there still a place for lever action hunting rifles in America’s game fields? Absolutely. I’m a big fan of the lever gun, and not just for reasons of nostalgia. Sure, if you grew up watching Westerns on television you […]

8 Great Accessories For Hunting The Rut

If you’re a serious deer hunter you don’t need anyone to explain the significance of the rut. When big bucks begin chasing does there’s a limited window of opportunity to take advantage of the deer’s breeding behavior and put yourself in the right place to make the shot of a lifetime. It’s the time of […]

Styrka Optics – Get This Instant Rebate!

Styrka Optics is offering an INSTANT $100 rebate when you purchase any S7 Series riflescope, S7 Series spotting scope or S9 series binocular, now until the end of September. The deduction is from the sales price of the optic when purchased from any authorized Styrka dealer – you can find a list of Styrka dealers here. Related […]

Winchester Ammunition Adds to Deer Season XP Lineup

Deer Season XP was Winchester’s first offering made specifically for Deer hunting. In 2017, it will be joined by one of the most popular modern sporting rifle (MSR) chamberings, the .223 Remington, as well as 6.5 Creedmoor, which has grown in popularity for its flat-shooting, long-range capability. The new Deer Season XP offers a 64-grain […]

in the zone turkey hunting episode 3

In The Hunt: Turkey Hunting: Big Sky Gobblers, Episode 3

Wild Turkey Hunting in Northwest Montana: In episode three of Turkey Hunting: Big Sky Gobblers, Olivia Opre and 12-year-old Taylor are back in the field wild turkey hunting. After watching Olivia take a huge gobbler, it’s Taylor’s turn. How will the Escort Magnum and Hornady Heavy Magnum Turkey loads fare in the hands of a […]