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Secret to Teaching Your Kids Firearms Safety and Tactics? Start Them Young!

teaching kids firearms safetyteaching kids firearms safety

Kids Firearms Safety and Tactics

This father-son tactical duo is what firearms culture is all about. Showing your children at a young age how to properly handle their weapons creates a lasting impression and the right sort of respect using these tools requires. Creating a safe, light-hearted environment in which to teach them proper tactics is paramount too. You’ve really gotta hand it to this dad for instilling American values into such an eager student.

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The father, who posted the video from his Facebook page Vantac International, has more than 30 years of firearm instruction experience. He started training his now 5-year-old son with toys and airsoft guns before teaching him how to operate actual firearms. He believes firearms education, firearms safety and tactics is paramount to instill proper safety at an early age.

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