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Almost hand-in-hand with gun ownership, comes the purchase of a safe or some type of gun storage apparatus. If you’re a firearms owner and haven’t thought about a secure way to store your gun(s), this needs your attention. Owning a firearm is a constitutional right that comes with the responsibility of keeping yourself and others safe. Also, the firearm should never be in a position where a threat could obtain it and use it against you. The only way to guarantee safety is to have your firearms locked and stored, yet still easily accessible. As a firearms instructor, I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. From the people who lock their ammunition separate from their guns, to people who disregard safe gun storage altogether, there is an obvious need for education as people in general just don’t know what to do.

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Firearms and ammunition should absolutely be secured and accessible. Having them locked in separate places serves zero purpose in a threat situation. If someone is in your home with ill intent, they’re not going to wait five minutes or more for you to get your gun and ammo together. You will only have seconds to put your home defense plan into action – a plan that needs to include how and where you will secure your firearms and retrieve them if needed. There are many online resources to assist you in developing a good home defense plan for threats as well as emergent situations. SecureIt has a variety of sensible, applicable options to choose from.

SecureIt Tactical Inc. is a manufacturer of ultra-light, heavy-duty gun storage systems. They are the primary supplier to the US DOD and global leader in military weapon storage and armory design. SecureIt’s foundation is rooted in the belief that, “How you store guns directly effects your safety and ability to defend yourself and family.”- Tom Kubiniec, President/CEO of SecureIt Tactical Inc. Their primary focus is on decentralized gun storage, which is having multiple areas to secure your guns. Areas that make sense and are readily accessible in a crisis with fast and quiet access. This is a stark difference from the large, out in the open safe options that we currently know.

I personally have two safes from SecureIt that are incorporated into my home defense plan. The Fast Box and the Agile Ultra-Light Model 52. Both safes are designed to store firearms in locations that make sense all over your home, and the best part is, they’re easy to hide and fast to access. They provide a common sense, simplistic design that allows organized storage. No sound or tone is present when utilizing the keypads. They’re lighter and smaller than a traditional safe making them easier to conceal in your home. Both feature SecureIt’s revolutionary cradle grid technology. This system allows you to customize your safe in seconds with divided bins, cradles with bungees and stock bases. This organized system allows you to quickly see and access your firearm.

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The Model 52 is the perfect option for holding multiple long guns and handguns. The stock bases work with the cradles to hold your gun in position without leaning on other guns, while also giving ample room for optics, bipods and sling. Kubiniec states, “If you look at a traditional gun safe interior, they really don’t care about your guns.” In addition to being well organized and giving respect to the condition of your firearms, these safe systems are mobile. The optional bungee attached to the cradle will secure your gun even in transport. The Model 52 can also be bought in multiples and affixed to each other creating an even larger unit.

The SecureIt Fastbox is a slim safe that can lie horizontal making it ideal under the bed gun storage, or vertical enabling concealment in smaller spaces. The Fastbox comes with pre-drilled holes giving you the option to literally bolt it under your bed. Input the code, turn the knob and in mere seconds you have your gun. Upright and vertical you can store two long guns and pistols, lying down or under the bed gives you the option for one long gun. Etched buttons make it easier to navigate your personal code to access your safe in no or low light. This product allows you to access a ready firearm within literal seconds while also keeping it secure from the wrong hands.Both are great options to incorporate into a home defense plan giving you the ability to strategically conceal your gun storage throughout your home while also enabling you fast access if needed.

I’ve had the pleasure speaking with Kubiniec in depth about his product and it is evident that this company has a passion for providing more than just a product, but a safe and effective solution for gun owners. In addition, the MSRP for these products is about half of what the larger traditional safes retail for. The Model 52 has an MSRP of $699.00 and the Fastbox just under $399.00. This includes SecureIt’s guarantee that if it doesn’t perform as promised, they will refund the price of the product within 90 days of purchase, no questions asked. I strongly urge you to check out their website which has a wealth of information on their company and product.

Karen Hunter, Contributor

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