Sharpshooting Hunter Nails Elk at 875 Yards With .308 Win

YouTuber and sharpshooting hunter DocTacDad, shared a video of an amazing long range hunt in Elk country with his friends and family.

With a single precise shot he drops a yearling elk where it stands 875 yards away from his shooting position. The .308 Winchester is a perfect round for a long range shot like this. The hunter takes his time to receive all the intel he can from his spotter. Together the shooting pair select an elk that will be easy for them to remove from the field. After checking the wind and distance, the hunting father makes a few final adjustments to his optics before squeezing the trigger. While the shot was magnificent, the group was a little disappointed to find another group of elk not quite so far away as they started the long 4.5 mile hike to harvest their game.

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