Video: How to Shoot 3 Bucks in Less Than 35 Seconds With an Ithaca Rifle

YouTuber Peternrock has some amazing skills. As part of a group hunt in a state that allows party hunting (anyone in the party can shoot a deer for someone else), he shoots 3 bucks in 35 seconds. State not disclosed.

And has the video to prove it!

All three bucks are good sized deer. The gun is pretty darn accurate as you can tell by the first semi-long distance shot to finish off the first deer behind the tree.

The gun is an Ithaca Deerslayer III chambered for a 20 gauge, and is claimed to be Ithaca’s most accurate slug gun price between $1350 and $1675. No wonder it does so much damage to these deer. He is also using Hornady SST slugs as the ammo of choice.

ithaca deerslayer III

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Most hunters are lucky to get one buck, but this hunter bagged two 8-pointers and one 10-pointer…. in 35 seconds.

Watch the Video Below. 

3 bucks 35 seconds

Some great comments on this video:

-This is like watching someone play big buck hunter

-Beast mode achieved!!!

-Looks like I need to trade my 12 gauge in for a 20. Nice video!

-Great shooting! Fill them tags! Hopefully your sponsored by Ithaca!! made me start shopping!

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Is this not the coolest video?!!

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