Shooting Gear Guide For The Gun Lovers On Your Gift List

‘Tis the season to start buying gifts for all the important people in your life, and if one (or more) of those people happen to enjoy shooting, then we’ve got a list of presents they’ll be excited to see under the tree this year with this shooting gear gift guide. From gun safes to gear bags, optics, gun storage options, and even targets that you can write on in the pouring rain, GetZone has you covered with a shooting gear list with items every shooter really wants. Oh, and you shooting enthusiasts might want to share this list with those who typically buy you gifts — make sure you don’t find another pair of argyle socks or a motorized necktie hanger under the tree this year.

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SnapSafe Titan

There are a bunch of gun safes on the market, but the Titan has one big advantage — it comes unassembled. And while that may seem like a real disadvantage at first, the reality is that because this safe can be assembled quickly using only the tools provided you can place it in areas of your home or office that would not be accessible to a pre-assembled safe. With a 3/16″ door and 9 gauge steel exterior walls the SnapSafe guards your guns against intruders, and you can choose between two UL Security Listed locks, a SecuRam digital lock or a standard mechanical lock. Eight one-inch chrome steel locking bolts hold the door in place and the adjustable lined interior shelves hold up to 12 guns. Assembled weight (without guns) is 400 pounds, and this safe is fire rated for 2,300 degrees for one hour. The powder-coated exterior looks good and the shelves are adjustable so you can configure the Titan however you’d like. MSRP: $1,249.

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Birchwood Casey Sportlock Range Bags

Birchwood Casey’s new SportLock Range Bags are available in two different sizes; the Standard version is large enough to carry the essentials for a day of shooting yet it’s compact and lightweight and the larger Deluxe version has additional compartments and more storage area for multi-gun events or extended range sessions. Both versions feature heavy-duty zippers and black carry straps for ease of transport. The Standard bag measures 10″ H x 18″ W x 9″ D and comes with a large main compartment and easy-to-access side compartments. The Deluxe measures 10″H x 17″W x 14″D and features reinforced interior padding, exterior zippered pockets and a pistol magazine and accessory organizer. The Deluxe version also comes with a removable shooting rest that can be attached to the top of the bag and a target organizer. MSRP for the Standard version is $31.20 and MSRP for the Deluxe is $94.50.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Birchwood Casey

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Real Avid BoreBoss

The Bore Boss makes gun cleaning simple and prevents messes thanks to the Flex-Case Handle. Roughly the size of a hockey puck, the Flex-case is made from durable polycarbonate and features TPR overmolding that securely encloses the cleaning cable, mop and phosphor bronze brush inside the handle. A steel ball on the cleaning cable hooks directly to the Flex-Case Handle so there’s no need to grab a dirty cable, and the phosphor brush and the mop help make short work of grime and fouling in the bore. The best part? The compact, clean case with your entire basic field cleaning supplies fits into your pocket or the pocket on your range bag. There are 10 gauge/caliber options available including .223/5.56, 12 and 20 gauge, .38/.357/9mm, .44/.45, .30 and others. MSRP is $9.99.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Real Avid

Bushnell Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope

Any shooter who’s spent much time at the range knows that a spotting scope is essential equipment. Bushnell’s Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope makes it easy to see where your bullets are striking thanks to optional 16-48 or 20-60x magnification. The Porro prism design and premium multi-coated optics allow for sharp, crisp images even at long range and the 100 percent waterproof rubber armor construction offers peace of mind when shooting in the elements. Each Trophy Xtreme Spotting Scope comes with a waterproof hard case and soft-sided carry case as well as a tripod and window mount for maximum versatility. These scopes are not only great for shooters but also hunters, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts in your family. Plus, they’re backed by Bushnell’s No Questions Asked Lifetime Warranty. MSRP: $249.99 to $299.99.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Bushnell

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Flambeau Stackhouse

The Stackhouse is an ideal gift for anyone who owns multiple pistols. Rather than carrying multiple pistol cases or storing handguns individually, the Stackhouse allows gun owners to keep all of their pistols and pistol accessories neatly organized in one sturdy, weatherproof case. The heavy-duty polycarbonate lid and thick-wall base protect your firearms from damage and the internal foam construction is customizable and allows you to accommodate the case to fit any handgun — even large-frame revolvers. The bottom portion of the Stackhouse contains two waterproof Tuff Tainers that offer neatly organized storage for all of your essential items like ammo, spare optics and small parts, range badges, cleaning supplies and so forth. The overmolded handle is durable and the case comes with tie-down hasps and locking points. It also meets TSA and airline safe requirements. The Stackhouse offers a convenient and safe way to store and transport multiple pistols as well as accessories. MSRP: $89.99.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Flambeau

Burris MTAC 1-4x Prym1 Camo Combo Scope

The Burris MTAC 1-4x is a versatile, dependable scope that’s perfect for AR rifles as well as a host of other firearms, and now Burris is offering the MTAC 1-4x Prym1 camo scope package, one of the most versatile and feature-rich optic packages offered at its price point. For under $430 you get a 30mm MTAC 1-4x scope in either Prym1 Blackout or SandStorm camo, a Burris 30mm AR-P.E.P.R. mount, and a 3MOA Fastfire II red dot sight, a great combo for 3-Gun shooters but one that will work for just about any shooter. The MTAC scope comes with the Burris Ballistic AR illuminated tactical reticle, which includes a broken circle and center dot for close target engagement and trajectory compensation out to 600 yards for .223/5.56 loads. MSRP: $428.61.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Burris

Rite In The Rain Storm Sight All-Weather Targets

When I’m at the range testing new loads I write notes on my targets regarding the ammo, atmospheric conditions, and so forth. The problem is if it’s raining most targets quickly deteriorate and your load info may be lost, but that’s not an issue with Rite in the Rain’s new Storm Sight targets. High-resolution orange-on-white target faces are easy to see even when it’s pouring and you can rest assured that your target — and the data you collect — can be preserved even if it gets wet. There are three different dual-sided target options available — a 25 and 100-yard zeroing target, a close-range and silhouette bullseye, and a long-range silhouette and bullseye. The zeroing and close-range targets measure 8.5″ x 11″ and the long-range target measures 11″ x 17″. MSRP is $11.95 per pack of 25.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Rite in the Rain

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Champion Premium Shooting Rest

If you’re serious about accuracy then a sturdy, high-quality shooting rest is an essential piece of equipment. The Champion Premium Shooting Rest utilizes durable cast aluminum and steel tube constriction for maximum durability and adjustable steel feet with removable polymer covers. It offers 3″ of length adjustment for a proper fit and a weight tray that allows you to secure the rest when shooting hard-kicking firearms. The leather and polyester front bag cover and padded rear rest protect your firearm from damage when firing and there are easy-to-use elevation and windage adjustment knobs that will allow you to get on-target. The ambidextrous design works for both right and left-handed shooters and the rest accommodates rifles with extended magazines. MSRP is $171.95.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Champion

MTM Case-Gard Cleaning Rod Holder

Breakdown cleaning rods are convenient for storage and transport, but they require assembly and disassembly with each cleaning session. MTM Case-Gard now offers their Gun Cleaning Rod Case which is made of durable polymer and holds four assembled cleaning rods up to 47″ in length. The soft padded foam interior protects your cleaning rods and there’s ample storage space inside for all of your accessories like wire brushes, jags, and patches. If you’re a long gun enthusiast these cases offer a fast and convenient way to quickly grab the cleaning tool that you need so you can clan multiple firearms in short order — all while keeping your tools organized and protected and without the need to break down the rods after each cleaning session. It’s a must-have item for competitive rifle and shotgun shooters and hunters. MSRP is $29.99.

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Browning Cadence Electric Hearing Protection

Shooting firearms without hearing protection causes damage to your hearing, and that damage can’t be reversed. But some shooters don’t like the inconvenience of having to remove plugs or ear muffs when speaking to others on the range, and for them, Browning has introduced their new Cadence Electric Hearing Protection. These muffs include an omnidirectional microphone that amplifies ambient sound, so you’ll still be able to hear what everyone around you is saying without forcing them to scream so you can hear them. However, amplification shuts off when ambient noise reaches a harmful level (82dB). The rounded earcups and soft cushioned headband allow for maximum comfort and the Cadence’s 24dB NRR passive protection meets ANSI S3.19 standards. Each unit runs on 2 AAA batteries. MSRP: $64.99.

shooting gifts, shooting gift guide, holiday gift guide, shooting Photo courtesy of Browning

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