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We take the new Colt Python with the legend Ken Hackathorn.  Ken and I talk some history and Ken also shares some of his training drills! Check it out, learn from the master himself!

When Colt first introduced the Python in 1956, each Python that was produced or made was designed and fit to a specific person. They cost $120 and were the most expensive gun on the product line.  They were made to be the top of the line.

Besides being beautifully made, the Python was a very accurate gun. The Colts are very easy to cock and therefore the bullseye market loved them. They were a lot easier to cock then the rival Smith and Wesson pistols.

The new Colt Python’s trigger pull was extremely smooth. There was no stack and no increasing wall when firing. From a shooter’s standpoint, the Python was pretty impressive. Ken said that if you had the old Python and a new Python on a table, he would pick up the new one without blinking an eye. 

To properly unload and reload a revolver, for the python, you have to pull back on the lever release. To get the rounds out of the Colt, you point the barrel up and push the extractor rod down and let gravity get the bullets out. Then you put the barrel towards the ground so that you can reload the bullets.

One of the biggest flaws when shooting is that people become obsessed with speed. Speed doesn’t matter if you aren’t accurate. 

When shooting pistols with one hand, you want to make sure that if you are using your weak hand, that you are using your opposite eye. If you were to use your dominant side eye to shoot with your weak hand, the hypothetical person you are firing at is able to shoot at your whole head if you are behind cover.

When firing, if you have to take your time to get the proper grip, then you are doing the right thing. If you were to fire with the wrong grip, you would get a bad result.

After firing, there are a lot of pros compared to the original Python. The interchangeable front sight allows for firing in all types of light. All aftermarket grips can adapt to this handgun because it has the same grip as the original. The barrel of the new Python is 4.25 inches so that they can sell in Canada. The original barrel was only 4 inches. This may cause minor problems if you have one of the original holsters because the new Python may stick out below it.

Thanks to Ken for helping us with this review.

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