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Shotgun Tactics: Common Shotgun Malfunctions [Watch]

Common Shotgun MalfunctionsCommon Shotgun Malfunctions

Top Shot Champion Chris Cheng demonstrates some common shotgun tactics and shotgun malfunctions and how to clear them. Firearm instructors and experienced shooters are encouraged to watch and share these tips with newcomers to shooting sports.

In this video, Chris Cheng shows us how to deal with a common shotgun malfunction that can happen to both your pump action and semi-automatic shotguns.

First, let’s start off with the pump action. There is a spent shell that did not eject after you fired. Don’t panic, it is an easy fix. Make sure that your shotgun is pointing in a safe direction. Put  your safety on safe and take your finger off the trigger. You want to take the forearm of the shotgun and pull it all the way back to open up the chamber completely. Take out your spent round and discard it. Then, re rack your pump action and get back to firing.

In the next situation, your semi-automatic shotgun has a spent round that is also stuck in the chamber. This specific situation is called a stove pipe situation. The way to fix it is very similar to the pump action. First, take your finger off the trigger and turn your safety on safe. With the gun pointed in a safe direction, pull the bolt handle back releasing the spent round from being stuck. Then, push on the release button to rack the next round and continue firing.

“Remember that firearm safety depends on you.” – Chris Cheng

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