Sig Sauer Optics: Tango 6 Scope & Romeo Red Dots – Breaking From The Norm

Sig Sauer is a recognized industry leader in the development and manufacturing of all types of firearms, optics, ammunition and suppressors. Sig Sauer has entered the optics market in force over the last several years with several innovative designs and new takes on established concepts. Sig Sauer definitely now has “skin” in the optics game with numerous models in its product line-up.

The use of red dots or low powered variable optics has become the norm on the battlefield, law enforcement, and personal defense. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses. I am going to use three optics — the Sig Sauer ROMEO 4, ROMEO 5, and Tango 6 1-6x24mm to illustrate what I am talking about.

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The Sig Sauer ROMEO 4 and ROMEO 5 are both red dot sights. The ROMEO 4 would be considered the higher end version and the ROMEO 5 still offering plenty of performance for individuals or departments who may have budgetary concerns — which most do. Both the ROMEO 4 and ROMEO 5 sights are experiencing high demand from end-users who understand the performance benefits a quality compact red dot sight offers. The “closed” design of the ROMEO 4 and ROMEO 5 limits the effect weather or other environmental conditions may have on their performance. Rain, snow, debris etc. can’t interfere with the red dot being projected on the lens enabling accurate shooting in any condition.

sig sauer, sig sauer optics, scopes, optics, sig sauer romeo 4
SIG SAUER ROMEO 4 is a high-end red dot option.

VIDEO: Sig Sauer ROMEO 4

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The differences between the ROMEO 4 and ROMEO 5 consist of waterproofing levels, battery life, mounts, lens coating, housing material and reticle selections. The ROMEO 4M tested features an IPX8 waterproofing rating (continuous submersion beyond 1 meter) while the ROMEO 5 is IPX7 (immersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter). Each feature Sig Sauer’s MOTAC Technology. In short, MOTAC is Motion Sensing Technology, MOTAC immediately powers up illumination when it senses motion and powers down when it does not after a period of time. This serves to greatly extend battery life. The ROMEO 4 reports 50,000 plus hour battery life with the readily available CR2032 battery, which is side loading for quick replacement. Each sight has two night vision compatible modes.

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I have utilized both the ROMEO 4 and ROMEO 5 in numerous weapon reviews over the last couple of months. 5.56mm, .300BLK, 7.62×39, and .308 rifles/pistols having done their best to render the two SIG SAUER red dots inoperable while conducting high volume firing range T&E or during training courses — both are running like the day I unboxed them.

sig sauer, sig sauer optics, scopes, optics, sig sauer romeo 4
ROMEO 4 red dot enhances the performance of any weapon it is placed on — especially the non-typical pistols patterned after rifles.

Independence from set eye relief requirements is one of the red dots major advantages. This is born out when working in tight confines or finding oneself in awkward firing positions to maximize cover. Keep both eyes open and if you see the red dot on target pull the trigger. The adjustable intensity of the Sig Sauer red dot sights allows you to tune the 2MOA dot reticle, as needed either in low light or bright conditions.

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The growing numbers of pistols being introduced that resemble assault rifles with rear stock removed/altered are perfect candidates for the SIG SAUER ROMEO 4 or ROMEO 5 red dots. The SIG SAUER red dots will surely assist in realizing the full potential of these types of weapon platforms.

sig sauer, sig optics, romeo 5, new guns and gear, scope, optics
ROMEO 5 — don’t let the lower price fool you — this optic is ready for duty use. (Photo courtesy Sig Sauer)

Tango 6 Variable Power Scope

The Tango 6 offers a 1x-illuminated reticle setting for quick target acquisition at close range with both eyes open. A quick turn of the knob to 6x enables longer precision shots. Many competitors’ optics have only a 1-4x magnification range. The ability to access 6x while still being able to use an illuminated dot at 1x is a force multiplier. The SIG SAUER Tango 6 is loaded with high-end features such as 30MM tube, adjustable illuminated horseshoe dot reticle calibrated to either 5.56mm or .308. The extra-low dispersion glass combined with high transmittance glass for outstanding light transmission and clarity, along with resettable lockable and zero stop turrets.

sig sauer, sig sauer optics, scopes, optics, sig sauer tango 6
Tango 6 1-6x scope is a perfect fit with weapons that can be turned to for various missions such as the adaptable SIG SAUER MCX.

A reticle with multiple hash marks is preferred to allow the shooter maximum flexibility. The growing popularity of the .300BLK chambering t featuring both subsonic and supersonic ammunition is an excellent example. With an optic such as the SIG SAUER Tango 6, multiple hold points can be established if forced to switch rapidly between two different loads. Once sighted in the shooter can take note of where each load strikes relative to each other and adjust accordingly.

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The SIG SAUER Tango 6 1-6x with Illuminated Reticle is designed for both close-range/low-magnification situations with variable intensity illuminated reticle, yet still allows shooters to engage targets with greater precision at longer ranges thanks to the 6x. Combat experiences in Africa and the Middle East served as the catalyst for new optic types such as the SIG SAUER Tango 6 1-6x compared to only non-magnified red dot or fixed powered magnified optics. For law enforcement, military, civilian or private security contractor the Tango 6 is worthy of consideration as it enhances rifle performance.

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sig sauer, sig sauer optics, scopes, optics, sig sauer tango 6
SIG SAUER Tango 6 1-6x optic fulfills multiple roles with equal aplomb — CQB or mid range accuracy.

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The Fun Part

Firing a Sig Sauer MCX .300BLK with Sig Sauer Tango 6 optics mounted from the prone position produced consistent hits out to 250-300 yards on steel targets placed in and around EVTC range vehicles. The Tango 6’s crisp image aided in spotting the targets in the interior of the vehicles and insured accurate fire on them. With budgets constantly under pressure, a quality rifle, with a Tango 6 1-6x24mm optic could be the answer to fulfilling a multitude of roles — DMR rifle, general-purpose patrol rifle, CQB/entry weapon. This is a positive reflection on how the Sig Sauer Tango 6 positively influences the shooter/weapon equation.

The shooter will have to decide what role is being fulfilled by the weapon and then make a choice of which optic will work for them. Both Sig Sauer sight types discussed, red dot or variable power optic, offer the capability to engage multiple targets in rapid sequence compared to iron open sights, while at the same time providing accuracy out to a couple hundred yards. The reticles superimpose an aim point on the target while not totally obscuring the target due to the center dots not being large. As many “maturing” shooters can attest to, the single focus plane reticle is easier to shoot accurately than coordinating front and rear sights.

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