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SIG SAUER has introduced an affordable and innovative line of silencers.



The Official Press Release

SIG SAUER® Silencer Division Debuts New Benchmark in Signature Reduction Technology

NEWINGTON, N.H. (January 12, 2015) — SIG SAUER, Inc., has assembled a team of industry leading engineers, designers, and professional end-users under the leadership of Division President Kevin Brittingham to introduce the next generation of professional grade signature reduction devices to the market.

“The team we have assembled is combining cutting-edge design with advanced material selection and state of-the-art manufacturing processes,” said Jeff Creamer, Executive Director and General Merchandise Manager for SIG SAUER, Inc. “SIG SAUER Silencers offer new standards of durability, accuracy, and performance.”

Offering solutions for rimfire, centerfire pistols and centerfire rifles up to .338 Lapua Magnum, users can enhance their shooting experience over a wide array of host platforms. Featuring innovations like tubeless rifle silencers to maximize volume and reduce weight, Taper-Lok™ fast-attach mounting systems that minimize point-of-impact shift, and machined wrench flats to facilitate proper torque and ease of removal.


In addition to technical innovations, SIG SAUER has rethought the utility of silencers. Primarily looked at as a military tool, silencers have exploded on the sport and recreational shooting scene over the past few years.

“As we started to rethink silencers, we also rethought how they are used,” Creamer said. “The result is a military-grade silencer that would be optimal for any unit or law enforcement agency to use, that also makes sense for the commercial market.”

For example, the SRD45 silencer, designed for use on .45 Auto handguns, comes with two pistons, allowing it to be attached to either .578×28 TPI or M16x1LH threads, making it a versatile choice for use on multiple firearms. Nine millimeter and .40S&W pistons are available and greatly add to the versatility of the system. Likewise, the SRD22 rimfire silencer comes with two adapters: both óx28 and M9.

SIG SAUER has also rethought how silencers attach to firearms, which is the key factor in accuracy. New tapered direct thread designs eliminate the need for a crush washer, allowing the silencers to be more securely torqued down, increases the surface area of contact, and is self-centering to the bore. This design allows for a much more secure fit and significantly reduces the POI shift when using the silencer.

This taper design carries over to the new Taper-Lok™ QD mounting system. The innovative, modular three-piece design does not require timing to the barrel. Once attached, the Taper-Lok mount features interchangeable muzzle devices, so users can change from a muzzle brake to a flash hider, without the need to remove the mount from the barrel. Taper-Lok QD silencers feature a secondary retention latch, which has wrench flats machined in to facilitate proper torque and aid in removal when heavily fouled by carbon build-up.


SIG SAUER pistol silencers are constructed with 100% 17-4 stainless steel baffles, which offer the same weight as aluminum but far better wear resistance and durability. Designed to be hearing safe when used “dry,” SIG SAUER pistol silencers can also be used “wet” with an ablative material such as water. The rimfire silencer can be disassembled for easy cleaning, and the stainless baffles allow the silencer to be “dipped” into an ultrasonic cleaner, something not possible with aluminum baffle stacks.

Featuring a selection of stainless steel, titanium, direct mount or fast attach, select SIG SAUER silencers will hit the market in Q1 2015.

What We Like

SIG SAUER has absolutely changed the game with this one. They hired some of the top minds and managed to create something that is not only on-par with SIG’s legendary quality, but is also affordable. With prices ranging between $495 and $795, their new silencer line is accessible to enthusiasts who may never have considered buying a can before.

Another game changer? How easy these are to clean. One of the most intimidating factors about silencers can be maintenance, but they’ve addressed that by making them easy to disassemble and made of material that can be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner.

What We Don’t Like

We don’t like that suppressors, which are a commonsense safety device, are regulated under the NFA. We don’t like that you have to do paperwork and pay a tax stamp to get one. We think that’s stupid.

The Verdict

We are excited to see a large company like SIG SAUER getting into the silencer market. The product they’ve created will help make quality silencers more accessible to more firearms enthusiasts, and that’s awesome. In the field, in the home, or on the range silencers are excellent to have around, and now they’re easier to afford and maintain, and that’s awesome.

Originally published in the March 2015 issue of GunUp the Magazine.

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