Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P9 Shield Plus Crimson Trace – USA Carry Review

Luke from USA Carry is here to review the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 Plus Performance Center Crimson Trace pistol. Many are familiar with the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield line of pistols. They began with the original M&P Shield a micro compact 9 that holds 7+1. Coming in at an MSRP of $385, along with S&W reputation of reliability, it quickly became a popular concealed carry pistol. Then came the M&P Shield M2.0 which incorporated some of the features from their M2.0 series of pistols. There’s also the Shield EZ line which is essentially just easier to rack. Once the micro compact pistols with the higher capacities started coming out, like the P365 and Hellcat, the Shield was now at a disadvantage being that they were all the same size, but the Shield had less capacity. The Shield Plus is the same size as the original Shield, but it holds 10+1. On the performance center edition, the slide and barrel are slightly larger than the original.

This is Luke’s first time getting his hands on the Shield Plus. And this is the Performance Center version, with a Crimson Trace red dot. 

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Some of the main features: 

Choice of optic ready or not. Not means it will not be cut for an optic, optic ready means it is, but also comes with the Crimson Trace red dot installed (adding $266 to the price). The red dot has the shield standard footprint, as in shield sights, so there are a few other optics that will mount directly to the slide.

This version does not come with the option of thumb safety. If you choose not optics ready, thumb safety is an option.

All PC versions come with fiber optic sights, red in the back & green in the front.

PC version has a longer slide and 4” barrel. 

No forward serrations, but does has fish scale-like serrations towards the front.

Rear serrations.

Take down lever on left side.

Reversible magazine release. The release itself is kind of rounded with a nice texture, and it sticks very well, doesn’t move around at all. The thumb has much less tendency to slip when doing a mag release.

Grip texture is micro dot, smoother than the original. Did not move around at all in the hand while testing – even on a hot day!

No rail on the front to mount a light or laser.

Trigger is completely different than previous shield models. The Shield Plus has a flat-faced trigger, vs a hinge curve trigger on the other models. It has a wide trigger safety, and the trigger itself is really nice. Luke’s favorite stock trigger he’s come across!

Comes with two magazines: a flush-fitting 10 round mag and an extended 13 round mag.

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