SOG Baton Q2: Practical EDC

It should take less than two seconds to find a video or article online about Every Day Carry (EDC). EDC started with “what is your EDC handgun?” and it has grown into Knives, Flashlights, knives, wallets, watches, challenge coins, medkits and on and on. If someone carries it — it’s become part of the EDC culture. With all this gear being stuffed into pockets I’m betting we will see EDC suspenders becoming a much-needed piece of kit to keep pants from falling down from being overloaded with EDC stuff.

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The overloaded part I’m poking fun at has caused me to prioritize the gear I carry and when I see a tool that fills multiple roles like the new baton line from SOG, I pay attention. The Baton currently comes in four models, the one I’ve had with me for the last couple months is the Q2.

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The Q2 Doesn’t have every tool but what it has on board are useful for everyday tasks.

Q2 Specs:

  • Closed Length 6.3″
  • Weight 3.0 oz.
  • Four Tools:
  • 75 Lumen Flashlight (1AAA battery)
  • Small Blade 2 ½”
  • Medium Screwdriver
  • Bottle Opener
  • MSRP $67.00

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The Q2 has been carried in my pocket, stashed in my med kit and attached to my laptop backpack (A last minute check before I left for the airport saved me from having to deal with the TSA — I had forgotten about the knife). I wasn’t keeping count, but I would say the flashlight has gotten the most use — 75 lumens is brighter than the first small backup duty light I carried when I was a patrol cop. It’s pretty tame by today triple digit lumen handheld lights, but it got the job done when looking for my phone when it fell under the seat of the jeep one night. The screwdriver worked great when adjusting a scope and the knife is perfect size for daily tasks like opening packages, cutting off an IP from a shirt, and cutting bandage tape. I’m not much of drinker anymore so the bottle opener got a short test run on a buddy’s beer bottle. The hard part was getting the Baton back from him — after he said, “this is really cool.” I knew I would have to pat him down when I left his house.

The problem with Multi-tools and Swiss Army knives is the tendency to make them so big you just won’t carry it. If you don’t carry it or have it where you can get it quickly it’s becomes a dust collector. The Q2 Baton is the right size to take it with you and the tools onboard accomplishes everyday tasks. If you want more stuff or a different configuration I suggest you take a look at the three other options SOG has in Baton family.

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