Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall: The All-Weather Henry Lever-Action Rifle Performs in All

Breaking Down Henry’s All-Weather Lever Action Rifles

Today we are going to look at one of Henry’s new offerings, the All-Weather .45-70 and model .30-30 lever-action rifles. Henry has no fear when creating new models for their already existing guns. Their new All-Weather lever-action rifles have a sleek, nice, hard chrome plating that’s bonded over the material that is perfect for the elements.

Compared to the standard rifle, the utilitarian, All-Weather models, only have one major difference and that has to do with the wooden finish. The utilitarian lever-actions have a unique industrial-grade wood finish, that allows for the rifle to be better handled when going out into extreme weather conditions. 

The rounds generally travel around 200 to 300 yards with the .45-70 being slightly slower than the .30-30 The .45-70 300 grain round travels at 1850 feet per second while the .30-30 150 grain round travels at 2390 feet per second. You get quite an advance in the velocity of the .30-30, but because of the bullet weight, you get fewer foot-pounds of pressure at the muzzle with the .30-30 producing 1900 ft-lbs compared to the 2300 ft-lbs produced by the .45-70. Both rounds are proven with the .30-30 being very popular for hunting within the United States and the .45-70 being very popular for hunting, especially in Africa.

Both Henry Lever-Action Rifles have the adjustable buckhorn sight and during testing proved great accuracy from 50 yards with all five rounds fired staying right in the same small group on the target for both rifles.  Both lever actions are also drilled and tapped for the 63-B scope mount that Henry offers if you are looking for a more traditional long-range scope.

The hard chrome plating protects the rifle from scratches and scuffs all while keeping it very slick. Henry is known for having a very smooth lever action that allows for quick reload while firing and this is no different in their All-Weather series.  At the firing range, it is very easy to get the loop into your hand and just cock it and bring it forward allowing for a quick rate of fire.

What Makes it All-Weather?

Henry typically uses American walnut for their stocks. However, on the new All-Weather lever actions, a hardwood finish is used. The hardwood has been chemically treated to resist moisture and chipping. The finish is very dark, an almost black color that really complements the chrome. On the .45-70 lever action, the rifle utilizes a pistol grip and a curved lever, while the .30-30 utilizes a straight stock and a straight lever. Both stocks have a rubber buttpad which helps protect your shoulder when firing.

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On both rifles, the levers have a small protrusion to prevent them from butting up against the tang and getting all scratched up. The loading tube is made of brass and allows for a very smooth in and out when reloading. The .45-70 holds four rounds and the .30-30 holds five.  Once you load all the ammo in, all you have to do is push the brass rod back in and twist it until you can click it right into the small grove. The barrel band is also dovetailed into the barrel.

The barrel length for the .45-70 is 18.43 inches and the .30-30 is 20 inches. The caliber marking is visible on the barrel towards the receiver with the .45-70 showing CAL. 45 – 70 GOV’T and the .30-30 showing CAL. 30/30 WIN. On the other side, it reads Henry Repeating Arms – Rice Lake, WI – Made in the USA.  

The Loading Gate

While a lot of Winchesters and Marlins have the side loading gate, the Henry lever action has the loading gate underneath the barrel. The biggest benefit of the loading gate underneath the barrel comes with emptying the rifle. You can come across issues when emptying a traditional lever action because to remove rounds you have to re-rack the lever after every bullet. In order to do this, you have to have a cocked hammer with a round in the chamber. With the Henry, you can just simply unturn the loading tube, open it up, and drop the rounds right out or even into your hand.

There are no safety features on the Henry All-Weather Lever Action Rifles, but there is a hammer block transfer bar. This ensures that even if you drop the gun, it will not fire unless the trigger is actually pulled. The balance is very nice with the center being right underneath the receiver. The gun is fully ambidextrous because you don’t have to worry about safeties or a bolt. 

In states with magazine restrictions, the lever-action rifle can make for an excellent home defense rifle or a bug-out gun. 

Henry rifles are not inexpensive rifles. However, because of the quality and of course, being made right here in the USA, they do carry a lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the rifle, Henry will take care of it. The Henry All-Weather rifles are a great choice when looking for that perfect lever action to take into the elements for a great hunting trip.

“Be strong, Be of good Courage, God Bless America, long live the Republic” – Sootch00

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