Sootch Survival: DIY Get Home Bag Using Walmart Items

Get Home Bag – On a Budget

Using JUST items from Walmart, we decided to see how cheap we could get the essentials for survival to get you home to your family, or if bugging out, to your destination.

At $81.41 plus tax, you have an inexpensive go-to option.

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Items in this kit:
Manokotak Back Pack: $14.97
Storm Proof Matches: $2.97
4-1 Match Holder: $4.84
Four Candles: $.98
Emergency Space Blanket:$2.97
Heavy Mil Trash Bag:$.75
Dasani Water $1.57 x2
Coleman Water Purification Tabs $7.76
First Aid Kit: $4.84
Peanut Butter Food Bars x2:$1.00
Wet Wipes 40ct: $.98
Duct Tape 10yd: $97
Bandana: $1.00
Gloves: $2.86
Watch Cap: $2.00
Folding Knife: $3.97
Multi-Tool: $3.97
Safety Glasses:$4.97
Cordage: $1.88

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