Sootch00 Review: Why Glock is the Best Prepper Handgun Option

Why Glock is the Best Prepper Handgun Option!

On the topic of survival and prepping, we have to look long-term: food storage, water supply, medical, etc… and self-defense is at the top of that list. You need to be able to protect yourself, your family & your possessions. With that in mind, we’ve done a lot of thinking – what IS the best prepper handgun? This is a look at why GLOCK is the best self-defense sidearm.

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Wheaton Arms Glock Survival Kit:
Standard Frames:
Large Frames:
No kick backs from Wheaton Arms


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And where do I purchase a Police trade in?

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The first pistol I bought for myself was a G23gen4. It was during the ammo drought. I liked the feel, But one of the biggest sells for me was the convertibility for whatever was available. I have a Lone Wolf 9mm conversion barrel and mags. Recently found a used .357sig barrel. Uses the .40 mags. Until recently (maybe still), our VA State Police troopers used .357sig. Some of that surplus might be coming to market. With the mag lengths and 3 calibers, it's very versatile. Over the years have added an Apex flat face trigger kit and Ameriglo tritium sights. I've been looking for a reasonable .40 police trade-in g22 to do some mods and conversions. Good video. Thanks for having Robbie talk about common repair parts. I'm going to look into his kits.

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