Sootch00 Survival: 10 Uses for Nail Polish

Finger nail polish is found in most homes and is found in a lot of colors.

1. Using nail polish, you can water proof your matches. You can use any color and to waterproof the matches, all you have to do is cover the tips of the match with the nail polish. After letting them dry, you can pack them away and they will be waterproof.

2. With fairly small holes in your backpack, tarp, or tent, you can use nail polish to seal them up.  By simply covering the hole with nail polish and letting it dry, you will seal up the hole.

3. Glasses have small nails that hold the arms of the glasses together with the frame. The nails can often come out and cause problems. To prevent this from happening, apply nail polish over the nails and let it dry.  It will hold the nails in place and prevent them from falling out.

4. To help get your thread through a needle, take your nail polish and place it on the tip of the thread. After letting it dry, you should have no problem getting the thread through the needle. The same works for twine and shoe laces to keep the ends from fraying.

5. When using a gun with a front sight, place some nail polish on the end of the front sight so that you can see it better.

6. Nail polish works great for color coding magazines. Whether two types of magazines look the same or one of them is broken and the others are not, it works for both.

7. Nail polish is a great fire starter and burns very well.  You can even coat a piece of wood that you are using for your fire tinder to help that catch fire quicker and easier.

8. Covering your metal surfaces with nail polish can help to keep them from rusting if you are going to need those pieces of metal for a long period of time.

9. If you need to seal up a box, nail polish can work like glue to keep it sealed for a good amount of time.

10. Using nail polish to color code your keys is a very effective way to help remember what each key is for.

A great thing about these types of videos is that they make you think outside the box. Most times, when people are in survival situations, they won’t look for the ways their non “survival” materials can be used. This should make you think otherwise and change the way you look at your common everyday items.

“Be strong, Be of good Courage, God Bless America, long live the Republic” – Sootch00

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