Exotac nanoSTRIKER XL Fire Starter is an excellent tool for your fire kit. It makes adding fire starting to your EDC easy.

Sacrificing neither form nor function, the unique, all-in-one design of this fire starter puts all the tools you need to start a fire into one tiny package. At the end of the day, this little tool can be collapsed and returned to key-chain ballast duty.

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The striker handle is 46% bigger, making it easier to grip.  The XL version also sports a 33% larger ferrocerium rod, which improves the durability and lifespan of the rod even beyond that of the original nanoSTRIKER’s.


  • Burns at nearly 5500°F (3000°C)
  • 1/4″ waterproof ferrocerium & magnesium rod
  • Ferrocerium rod works when wet
  • Lightweight anodized aluminum body
  • Ultra-sharp tungsten carbide striking tool
  • More than 3000 fire-starting strikes per rod
  • Replaceable ferrocerium rod
  • Made in the USA

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Fire Starter User Tip:

The rod has a protective coating from the factory, remove with a few scrapes of the striking tool before striking. When striking, use moderate pressure and high speed when scraping rod.