Sootch00 Survival: Out Of Stock! Fragile Distribution In The U.S.

We live in a time where technology has allowed us to enjoy the fruits of our labor. If you have a decent job you can get anything you need, plus what you want.  The thing about life is that there are a lot of facets.  Whether it’s food, water, or medical supplies, they all go into helping you survive. However, we often don’t realize these aspects of survival because these materials are so easy to acquire.  

In a time where we are all stuck at home, we have begun to see shortages that we haven’t seen before.  Luckily, we still have our utilities: power, water, and the internet.  However, in the future we could see an outbreak where we aren’t just running out of supplies such as toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  

Today, stores have a distribution system that keeps bringing products to the store.  If you’re out one day and the shelves in a store are empty, the next day you will begin to see goods on the shelves again. 

The intricate distribution system starts off with the product available in the store.  Trucks come in two to three times a week and keep the stores stocked with goods. Everyday people restock the shelves so that goods are available for purchase everyday. The system is efficient and allows for companies to make good profits.  However, the system is vulnerable and any disruption to this system would be catastrophic.

We have begun seeing some problems in this system due to shortages because of the high demands for both hand sanitizer and toilet paper.  The shortage of drivers also adds to the problem because of the huge demand. A  huge demand requires more long haul drivers and we just don’t have those. Luckily, Trump has made it easier for the long haul drivers to get to their destinations quicker and more efficiently by removing a number of regulations that adds time to their trips.

Manufacturing in the United States has become outsourced to other countries. This creates a delay in goods when companies have to wait for goods to be shipped from China or other countries across the oceans. Even companies that manufacture in the US have to wait for raw materials from other countries to create their goods.  With shortages, the companies that make the raw materials for the shortage goods all have to up their production so that the one company can make a larger amount of hand sanitizer. The problem is that to do this, companies have to up the amount of employees to be able to create more materials.

Keeping things clean is one of the main things that helps you stay healthy, especially when at home or in your vehicle. Besides hand sanitizer and toilet paper, disinfectant wipes and masks can be a huge help. The disinfectant wipes can clean countless things off and help sterilize things that other people have touched. The masks help to keep your hands away from your face and if you’re sick it keeps you from transmitting your germs.

Medications are also very important to help you treat sickness.  Whether it’s Benadryl, pain reliever, cough syrup, or antacid tablets, having a good supply on hand is very important and critical to survival.

With the disruption of food distribution, having a good supply of food on hand is a good idea. Canned foods are a great option if your meats and produce aren’t available because they last a long time and are nutritious. Your standard number 10 cans, MREs, and dehydrated foods are also great nutritious choices that last a very long time.

A big surprise with the crisis right now was the shortages of ammunition.  People began buying it up and the shelves went dry within a few days. Having a good supply of ammo set aside for occasions like this is a great idea to make sure that you are prepared for any circumstances.

Having a firearm and making sure that it is well maintained is a great idea. Make sure that you get out and train with it so that you are familiar with your own firearm.

Cash is very important in the circumstance that ATMs and electronic banking closes. Cash can be used for a lot of different things and is recognized all over the place. Silver and gold are also a great thing to have on hand if cash begins to have no worth.

Having one to three months of food set aside is a great way to give you peace of mind, keeps you from making rash decisions, and allows you to know that your family will be taken care of.

“Don’t be scared, be prepared.” – Southern Prepper

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