Sootch00’s 15 Necessary Things Preppers Can Do For Free

15 Necessary Things Preppers Can Do For Free that are vital to prepping and survival. When it comes to prepping and survival it can be expensive. Going through this list whether you are on a budget or not. It will help you fine tune your survival skills and get your mindset in the right places. It will give you piece of mind. 

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15 Necessary Things Prepper Can Do For Free:

  1. Learn Skills: Your mind is your most important tool. Internet Search/ Reading Doing research on the internet. Learning new skills. 

2. Practice Skills: One of the skills you can practice is your fire making skills. It is a top skill for preppers. 

3. Test Your Knives: Take your knife and start cutting. Using your knife and getting used to how it works and how it feels.

4. Organize your Gear: Go through your packs. Make sure that you have things that you are going to need and you know where everything in your packs are.

5. Tools and Gear Maintenance: Cleaning, repair and maintenance is important. As a prepper this is very important to make sure that all of your tools are ready to go. 

6  Inventory your Preps: A prepper always needs to be prepared, so make sure you know what you have and what you are going to need.

7. Prioritize Your Wish List: We have things that we want and buy, instead of what is needed. Always prioritize your wish list and have a balance of what you are purchasing. Once you inventory what you have you will know what you need. 

8. Vehicle Maintenance: Make sure that everything is working, from lights to battery life. 

9. Repairs: Do repairs around the house with the existing tools you have. As a prepper light is your number one security tool, make sure that all of your lights are working. We are always needing to prepare things. 

10. Preparedness Plan: This is one of the most important things that preppers can do for free. This is not just one thing. You need to go ahead and have your evacuation plan, your bug out location. If you just get on the road, you and your family are vulnerable. Do not just have your route, but also have alternate routes. Have a paper map handy in case GPS goes out. 

11. Wild Edibles: This goes along with learning new skills. What are the wild edibles in your area? Learn which wild edibles are good to eat. There are online prepper tools that will help you identify which wild edibles can be consumed.

12. Canning: If you already have the equipment, start canning. You could can meats. If you already have it in line, you can go ahead and start doing it. 

13. Get Around Your House in the Dark: If the power goes out, you need to at least be able to get to your flashlight. Learn how to get through your house with the lights off. 

14. Walk with your Bug Out Bag: Get your boots on and find out where the hot spots are on your back with this bug out bag on. Test out your gear. Are these items going to give you some problems with going long distances. 

15. Yard or Garage Sale: If you do not have the funds for some of the items on this list, have a garage sale to accumulate the funds to knock some of these things off the list. It is also nice to declutter some of your things. 

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