Here Are 15 Essential Things You Can Do Right Now to Ensure Survival for FREE!

Are you prepared if SHTF today? When it comes to prepping and survival it can be expensive. Going through this list – whether you’re on a budget or not – will help fine-tune your survival skills, get your mindset in the right place, and most of all give you peace of mind. 

15 Necessary Things Prepper Can Do For Free:

  1. LEARN SKILLS: Your mind is your most important tool. Read books, search the internet, print resources, and do what you can to learn the basics of survival now. Fill gaps in your skillset like how to build a fire, prepare wildlife, build a temporary shelter, harness solar power, or basic first aid. Now is the time to fill your toolkit with the knowledge of how to survive.
  2. PRACTICE: Once you know the basics, it’s important to practice them, especially fire-making skills. When you practice them continuously, it will force you to work through different situations that you will need to overcome if SHTF.
  3. TEST YOUR GEAR: From knives to first-aid kids, it does no good to have something if you don’t know how to use it, or worse, it doesn’t work. Get familiar with your gear now so you’re proficient and able to troubleshoot issues when you need those tools most. Keep knives sharpened, medications current, and ensure you have hands-on knowledge of all your gear.
  4. ORGANIZE YOUR GEAR: Go through your packs – make sure your gear is operational and organized. Knowing what is in your pack is one thing, but knowing where it is may also help save valuable time if it’s needed in a life-or-death situation. Familiarize yourself with all your gear as often as possible.
  5. GEAR MAINTENANCE: Cleaning, repair, and maintenance are important. As a prepper, it’s very important to make sure all of your gear is able to perform when you need it. Tools, vehicles, firearms, knives, fishing rods, generators, and even boots and clothing should be maintained. Continue to build a list of additional items as you go.
  6. INVENTORY: A prepper always needs to be prepared, so make sure you know what you have and what you are going to need. As you continue to learn more skills and do more research, there will be additional items you may want in your inventory. Update your list regularly and add to your stash as your budget allows.
  7. PRIORITIZE PURCHASES: We have things that we want and buy, but they aren’t always what is most needed. Always prioritize your lists and have a balance of what you are purchasing. Once you inventory what you have, you will know what you need to start saving for next. 
  8. VEHICLES: Keep your vehicles maintained and make sure that everything is in working order frequently, from lights to batteries. Having a cache of gasoline containers, extra spark plugs, fluids, and other basic maintenance items can build up, but start your list now so you’ll always know where you’re at. Vehicles, tractors, ATVs, and boats should all be maintained consistently.
  9. REPAIRS: Complete projects around the house with the existing tools you have. As a prepper, light is going to be your number one security tool, so make sure that all of your lights are working, then start accruing extra lightbulbs, batteries, flashlights, and other items you identify while putting your plan into practice. Inspect your house to identify issues like old windows, cracks in the foundation, or leaks in the roof that should be completed in order of importance when your budget will allow.
  10. A PLAN: This is one of the most important things that preppers can do for free but it is multifaceted. You need an evacuation plan and at least one bug-out location. If you just get on the road, you and your family are vulnerable. Do not rely on a set route, plan alternate routes. Make sure you have a current paper map handy in case the GPS goes out. Ensure your family knows exactly what to do using multiple commands. Write out or print and laminate codes, plans, routes, and other essential information for your family, and make sure they have access to them at all times.
  11. FOOD SOURCES: This goes along with learning new skills. Learn which wild edibles in your area are good to eat, then find them. Identify sources of protein like meat and fish in your area, then learn how to harvest and prepare them. Consider planting a garden. Learn how to compost. Get chickens. Research rain barrels and irrigation options. Will you need to cook over a fire? Stockpile wood if you’re able to. There are many ways you can prepare to feed yourself and your family in a crisis but it all starts with research and planning.
  12. FOOD STORAGE: If you already have the equipment, start canning. You can can meats, vegetables, fruits, and more. Do what you know how to do first then start expanding your skills to include more advanced measures.
  13. LIGHTS OUT: If the power goes out, you need to at least be able to get to your flashlight. Learn how to get through your house in the dark and ensure you have adequate light power. Aside from flashlights and batteries, you should also work toward adding candles, matches, lightsticks, and other sources of light to your supply as well.
  14. BUG-OUT BAGS: Get your boots on and find out where the hot spots are on your back with your bug-out bag on. Test out your gear. Are these items going to give you some problems with going long distances? As with every piece of gear, it needs to be tested in real-world conditions and adjusted appropriately.
  15. LIQUIDATE: If you don’t have the budget for some of the items on your list, consider liquidating assets to accumulate the funds needed by having a garage sale, selling unused items via an online marketplace, or even pawning things you no longer need or use. This will also help to declutter your life and make room for necessary gear. 

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