Sootch00’s Top 5 Priorities to Prepare for SHTF

Top 5 Priorities to Prepare for SHTF plus 5 additional things to prepare for in a Grid Down environment. These are not all inclusive but are the best place to start. Whether you’re new to prepping or even if you’ve been prepping for a while, you should consider these top five things.

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Top 5 Needs for SHTF
1. Get in shape! We live very sedimentary lifestyles, often times we are not out or doing manual labor. Start small – even just walking is a great place to start. Physical fitness is so important in a crisis situation.

2. Security and self-defense! You want to have the ability to defend yourself, your family, your belongings. A good flashlight is at the top of this list. Light will deter a lot of criminal activities. However, the best option is a firearm, preferably a handgun, and there really is no contest to this when SHTF.

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3 Food & Water! A month’s supply at a minimum. You can stay safely at home during a crisis situation and not have to go out. Canned food is a must as it has a long shelf-life. Water bottles are great, but a water filter is ideal.

4. Medical supplies! If first responders are having a difficult time getting to people, you’ll want to have your own basic medical needs covered.

5. Cash! Have cash on hand, $500 minimum, small bills. If card readers or ATMs are down, you’ll be able to get the things you need in an SHTF situation.

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