Rifle Review: James River Armory Forged Receiver M-14

James River Armory Forged Receiver M-14

James River Armory Forged Receiver M-14 is a collaboration between JRA and Bula Defense. These are M-14/M1A rifles with Forged Receivers. In addition to manufacturing, JAR can also refinish your MI Garand/M1Carbine to its original “Arsenal Reissue” condition.

The M-14 was the very last battle rifle that was issued to the United States Military. It holds the honor for the longest used battle rifle by the military and was even being considered to be brought back by the United States in the Middle East.

The M-14 you see in the video is from James River Armory. James River Armory is known for making some of the best, historically accurate, military firearms in the world.  They teamed up with Bula Defense Systems to produce M-14/M1A rifles with forged receivers. The barrels for the M-14 that Bula makes are immaculate.  They make both a 22in model and a 19.5in model. Classic Firearms is the exclusive distributor for the James River Armory M-14. You can find the M-14 for purchase at a lot of local distributors because of them.

The M-14 cost the U.S. government $104 back in 1959 through 1964. They were very effective in .308, the range was great, the ballistics were good, and overall it was a very strong rifle. A problem with the M-14 was that they were very heavy. Carrying around the M-14 in the jungles of Vietnam, the United States had a hard time maneuvering through the brush because of its long barrel and wood stocks. In the select fire version, the M-14 would shoot 750 rounds per minute but was completely uncontrollable.

The forged receiver of the James River Armory M-14 makes it more superior than other M-14/M1A on the market.  The smoothness of the action is super slick.  The peep sights on the back are fully adjustable for both wind and elevation and you have a slide for your stripper clips.  The twenty round box mag is a huge plus for the M-14 helping to continue to set it apart from the M1-Garand.

On most M-14 the handguard has been changed from wood to fiberglass to help decrease weight.  However, the look of the wood is just fantastic. The 22in barrel has a flash hider, your sights, a bayonet lug and your gas system.  By turning the nail on the gas system, you are able to turn the gas allowing for your semi automatic function. 

The markings on the rifle are very close to military markings. It says U.S. Rifle, 7.62.MM M-14, James River Armory and then the serial number. On the receiver you have the Bula marking and the eagle with the arrows and three stars on the stock.

On the forged barrel, you have your hole for the scope mount and the bolt stop. The scope mount when attached will replace your guide for the stripper clip so be aware of that when adding a scope.  

The metal buttstock has a compartment in the back for you gun cleaner.  The metal cover that flips up when accessing that compartment can be used to help brace when firing the gun. 

Both the stock and barrel area of the gun have military grade sling mounts if you are looking to add a sling.

At the range, we used Freedom Munitions 150-grain .308 rounds. The recoil of the M-14 was very manageable and steady. The gun was also very accurate, with all the rounds hitting right near the center of the target.

The rifle weighs 9lbs 7oz which helps to mitigate recoil when firing. The James River Armory M-14 costs $1,499.99. This is similar to other M-14/M1A on the market.  The pros of the James River Armory M-14 are the Bula forged receiver, Bula barrel, forged bolt. black walnut stock and finish. Parts are easy to find on the market and even surplus parts are available. As far as cons go, the gun is very heavy, the price is steep for some, and on some M-14/M1A you can have a hard time getting the magazine into the receiver. 

Sootch00 gave the rifle a 9.9/10 overall because of how great a rifle the James River Armory M-14 is.

“Be strong, Be of good Courage, God Bless America, long live the Republic” – Sootch00

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Big thanks to Classic Firearms for Sending the JRA M-14 for the review. More to come on this rifle! https://www.classicfirearms.com/

Freedom Munitions 5% Sootch00 Discount: https://www.freedommunitions.com/

Foam Action Sports Rifle Rest: https://foamactionsports.com/

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