The Echelon from Springfield Armory: Unparalleled

In 371 BC, an outnumbered army faced certain defeat at the hands of the Spartans. Instead of surrendering, they devised a new formation that would ultimately lead to victory and revolutionize military tactics: the echelon. This innovative strategy involved staggering the troops diagonally, positioning each unit behind and to the right of the one in front. Fast forward to the present day, and Springfield Armory is channeling that same spirit of innovation with the introduction of its latest offering: the Echelon pistol, a true game-changer in modern firearm design.

The Central Operating Group (COG)

At the heart of the Echelon lies the Central Operating Group (COG), a completely self-contained and serialized assembly that can be effortlessly interchanged between grip modules in a matter of seconds. Crafted with precision from stainless steel, this chassis provides a sturdy foundation for the pistol’s patent-pending operating system.

The Variable Interface System (VIS)

Hidden beneath the slide cover plate, the Echelon incorporates a revolutionary optic mounting system. Known as the Variable Interface System (VIS), it allows users to directly mount over 30 optics onto the slide without requiring any adapter plates. By simply configuring the self-locking pins to match the optic’s footprint, shooters achieve a secure, low-profile mount that enhances sight picture and ensures intuitive alignment.

The Echelon incorporates a newly developed magazine designed for durability, reliable operation, and resilience during demanding conditions. Coated with a scratch and wear-resistant finish, the magazine holds 17+1 rounds in its flush fit configuration, while the extended base pad increases capacity to 20+1 rounds. Additionally, a low-capacity 10-round model is available for those requiring compliance with specific regulations.

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Built with safety as a top priority, the Echelon undergoes rigorous testing to exceed the stringent parameters of SAAMI drop tests. Additionally, Springfield Armory imposes even tougher standards, ensuring the firearm’s unparalleled reliability. The Echelon’s Central Operating Group features a unique second sear design, further reducing the risk of unintentional discharge in the event of an accidental drop. Furthermore, field stripping the Echelon requires no tools and can be accomplished without pulling the trigger.

Equipped with the tactical rack U-Notch rear sight and a tritium front sight with a luminescent ring, the Echelon offers exceptional sight options as standard. A tritium 3-dot configuration is also available, and users have the option to purchase suppressor height sights for their specific needs. When combined with native optics support, the Echelon boasts the most dynamic sighting system available in the market today.

To learn more, visit Springfield Armory’s Website.

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