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Springfield Armory Hellcat 15 Rd Magazines – Sootch00 Review

July 19, 2021

The Springfield Armory Hellcat comes with an 11 & 13 rd magazine but now Springfield Armory is offering a 15 round Magazine and we’re going to also take a look at the NeoMag Magazine Carrier. 

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This new Springfield Armory Hellcat 15 Rd Magazine gets you to the same magazine capacity as the full-sized striker-fired pistols. This magazine features stainless steel construction for durability, numbered round count witness holes, and a polymer follower. This magazine is made very well. On the 15 round magazine, we have a sleeve with a brush base plate. It is very tight on there, which is a plus.

The 15 round magazine’s extension gives you an extra gripping area. The 15-Round magazine measures only .28″ taller than the 13-round extended magazine. It is only about a baseplate difference and it gives you 2 more rounds. 

The Springfield NeoMag is a strong magnet with a stainless steel clip and fits right up to the base plate that has a deep carry. You pull it and comes right off and eliminates friction. This is a great very innovative mag carrier. 

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